I Am the True Strategist! Awardees

Hello, I am CM Ares.

Thank you all for participating in the I Am the True Strategist! event.

I am announcing the awardees of the event. Those who are on the awardee list, please leave your server name and lordname as a reply to this post. I will give you the rewards once you leave your reply here.

We greatly appreciate your constant love towards Gods’ Quest! We will do our best to further improve the game experience.

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Lordname- Flare
Thank you for those free dias.


Is this for the 2044 God’s quest ranking? I was in the 11-50 range. What do I need to do?
Server: apollo
Lordname: zeraph

You need to write down your server name and lordname as the comment when submitting your ranking in 2048 Gods’ Quest. :slight_smile:

I think I did

If you have not received the rewards yet, you might have entered your name wrongly or ended up below top 100 on Thursday at 4am UTC+9.

I’m certain I was in the 11-50. I’m even 4th place right now. If I can give you the name and comment that I put down, before I realized I needed to put my name and server, I’m I still eligible for a unit reward?

Could you give me the lordname you put in the comment? I will look it up in the last week’s rankings.

Name: Sir Seth
Comment: I’ll be back

Could you not find it?

I’ve looked into the rankings that were saved on Mar 7 Thur at 4am UTC+9, and it appears that you are not in the list. I’d really appreciate that if you could check on this again.

If you can’t find it under,
Name: Sir_seth
Comment: I’ll be back
Name: zeraph
Comment apollo
Then I guess it wasn’t recorded.
Thanks for your help.

I’m currently 9th on the ranking right now so can you confirm that I’m recording my self correctly.
Name: zeraph
Comment: apollo