Basic strategy Guide (in proces)

Hi in this Guide I will outline how to get started and the básica in Orph… Gods Quest. in the next days
(Might change It to spanish)

  1. Starting off
    (this is mostly the what comes in the initial quests)

1)a)resources /resesrch
Gods Quest is a game with four main resources :

Each of them are produced in differnt buildings.

Food,wood and iron are produced in fixed places of your dominion and their base production is equal.

Gold is produced in the market . Gold’s base production is lower than the other main resources yet it can be exchanged for the other resources and you can also exchange the other resources for gold (of course these exchanges are made with an interest).

1)b)other buildings


Up to here it is your average game with a story/tutorial but there is a greater depth

  1. Oher Game mechacins




  1. Diamonds/VIP

4.Your stategy

Supposing you Max out at least your main dominion (with rhe corresponding researches). There are two main strategys peacefully trading with neighbours and looting everything on sight. Normally you will choose something in between and will combine It with your guild’s. Strategys mainly differ in your research priorities.

The active game comunity (to what I have seen) favours the first option.

4)a)Trading Lord
Focuses on trading and piling Up resources .To do so you must foucus on
-Investigating trading,pionering and resource related investigations
-Being up to date knowing which are the most active kingdoms
Its objective is having a high income of resources for researches or whatever you want.

-highest gold income
-more neighbours//allies

-weaker troops
-requires being active and knowing who is active

4)b)Bad Lord
Focuses on attacknig/looting players whith lots of strong troops.This one is quite intuitive.You must:
-most militar y related researches
-good comander hero (whith at least looting/hero or troops additional
attack or ser./prolongue seige/beneficiado condition when draw happens )
-good defensiva/more Intel Lord hero
-various fast scouting hero to scout/suicide attack

When attacknig you should scout to choose an objetive ,attack when they cannot evade (check There name and attack “when they sleep/are inactive”) que lasty scout just before the attack arives (send a héroe with one of your slowest troops before the main attack) in case they are strong them you. Since attacknig takes some time you can produce troops in a way they will be produced when you log in next or when the attacknig troops go back.(to evade attacks/scouting send remaining troops and resources to a chasms or supporting )

-Lots of resources Quickly
-Stronger troops
-can be less active

-you need some non-belic researches
-You will get targeted
-you are evil

If this were to be done by a group It would be quite devastating since they could control a kingdom yet I think this is better done alone.

4)c)mixed strategys
You love researching with this I must say you just need to priorities Easter research and morenresearch slots.and if anyone discovers you have little troops send your resources in cariges before the attack arives and research loot-proof investigations.

-eventually you will research all
-best long run

-you start growing slower
-takes quite some time
-bothersome neighbours want to trade

II)Very Bad Lord
Use a dominion as a temporary base to attack active players.A main kingdom composed of yourself or some allied players.

-Lots of troops and resources
-can be almost inactive

-You are Bad
-costs diamonds

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