Yield & Trade Guide by C (F2P Tip bonus)

The aim of this guide is to teach how to raise your yield and so your trade profit. Following the guide you will be able to have yields like this:

And do trades like this:

BEFORE READING: This guide is a lategame oriented guide to mostly hardcore/pay to win players since it requires a lot of stuff to be 100% done. BUT the concepts behind it are usable for all players and eventually you will be getting pieces of the puzzle to make your own stuff. I will add a Note section at the end of the guide giving some advices/tips for f2p players, I hope it helps.

Basically you need 4 key things:
1- The castle lord who will be Gaia level 80 or Aphrodite level 60-70 or Oceanus level 70, those are the better lords. The reason is because they have +yield skills. Gaia has +20k level 80, Oceanus has 16500 level 70 and Aphrodite has 10k level 60 but a lot of charm too.
2- Demeter level 70 as farm Lord. She will add 10k+ gold yield being in farm.
3- Apate/Euterpe/Nereus will add 5000-7000 gold yield being in market. Nereus needs to be level 60.
4- This is KEY factor, as a trade post lord you will need a hero with Agamemnon + Pleione skills and then if you want good production you can use a base lord with +goods talent like Nemesis/Pan/Amphitrite/Poseidon/etc but the skills are the important stuff.
5-* You need to research as much as possible the researches which gives you +price of goods, there are 2 levels of process goods and 1 level of other one which gives you +price but -goods production.

  • You will also need to make the city your main dominion since it increases your yield in a % and also buy gold buff which is mentioned later.

1- The castle lord will add the main source of yield to your gold yield. The perfect set of skills on a hero of the ones I said you before will be:

  • 150% politics from Xmax Arthur
  • 200% luck 150% politics from Nyx
  • Paris politics skill
  • Aeneas politics skill

If you are missing Nyx you can use +300% charm/intellect skill based on the highest stat your lord has.

It is really important to reroll stats of the lord once you leveled him looking for the highest politics stat you can get but level the hero before rerolling so you get a good one. You can also add items if you have any.

A final build would be like this:

2 - Demeter:
Easy, just level her to level 70 and put her in the farm, that will add 10k more gold yield (huge).
You can add Leto +% gold skill to Demeter so you increase gold production and also Phrocys ( I don’t have them yet)

(the level 70 talent of Demeter is bad translated so fix it if someone from Nikea is reading this :stuck_out_tongue: )

3- Market lord.

This will increase your yield by a lot of % + base yield. Using one of the heroes I mentioned before, the build would be as follow:

  • +150% gold from Nemesis
  • +100% gold from Midas
    • 70-75% gold from Pontus/5* Helen…
  • +30% gold from 4* Polymestor

Final build would be like this:

4- Trade post lord.
This is the key and it will increase the trade profit like crazy BUT only if you did the other stuff since it’s based in your gold yield so the biggest it is the bigger will be the increase.

Just put +55% from Pleione and +35% from Agamemnon in the hero you want to use as trade post lord.

If you need trade goods use for example Nemesis level 70 with those 2 skills and +4 goods +3 goods. Other useful and viable skill is -20% trade cd. It depends of what you are looking for.

5- Finally the researches. These will work as Pleione and Agamemnon so the better researches the more trade profit. Just level them all as much as you can.

The main advice I can give you as a f2p but really active player who wants to get a lot of gold by trading is to build a -% cooldown reduction trade lord and look for a player who has a really big gold yield and trade profit (a player who followed this guide like me). Why -% trade cd? The reason is simple. The trade profit you get per trade is based in a math formula which involves both players gold yield, good prices, like o meter and other stuff (wont discuss about it here, pm me if u interested in), since your contribution on the formula will be so little cause the other player yield is so big its nor worth for you to work on improving your own yield until you can trully do it. The way to go is focus on producing the biggest amount of trade goods you can daily and reducing the trade cd as much as possible so you will be able to trade that player a lot. Lets put an example:

If you get 60 Millions gold trading a player in your trade kingdom and you focus on improving your own trade profit with +price good researches and skills like Agamemnon lets say you manage to increase the trade profit from 60 millions to 65M (which actually is a lot and probably wont happen). That will increase 5 Million per trade, lets say you make 7 trades daily. That would be 35M of increased beneficts. Now in the other hand lets say you work on improving your researches of -% trade cd and + goods and you build a trade post lord with that aim ( I will add screenshoots of stuff like this). You will be able to reduce the time of trade cooldown to around 25-40 minutes and your good production to 25-45 goods daily. That means that if you are active enough trading you can make A LOT of trades daily, more than 15 easily. Being 60 Millions gold per trade we are talking about A LOT of increased beneficts.

Good production:

Build -% trade cd Lord with a trade cd of 24 minutes:

Remember to leave a like and a comment if you learned something please. And w.e you need just feel free to ask :slight_smile: