Buildings Overview

So as u all know that Nikea Games have lot’s of opportunities to grow more with this game that we all love, so don’t hesitate to give opinions and advice to the Devs of Nikea Games.

°Buildings Overview

–Palace : The main building that affects your Rampart HP, and also a little bit of storage.

–Laboratory : The most important building (For me it is xD) this buildings affects not only buffs like attack, def, and your soldiers Hp, but this building is also can affect your building speed, research speed, etc… so yeah, it is pretty important xD

–Barracks : The place where you can make some soldiers.

–Arsenal : This building is basically is almost the same as Barracks, but the soldiers that u can train in this building are more profound, more variaties, and stronger, such as wizard, summoner, sling, catapult, etc…

–Trade Post : This buildings hold the goods thay u can send to trade with neighbouring players on the same city, and this building is the one which will hold any items that you get from ads, messages, etc…

–Academy : Transfer heroes XP by sacrificing one of them, Transfer skills (u can use resources for 20-25% rate of success or u can use some diamonds for 100% success rate) and the same as transferring XP one of them will be sacrificed, and of course u can train ur heroes in this buildings if u have some ticket for it.

–Market : Buy, Sell. This is important to make balance to your resources when u are really low on them.

–Iron Mine, Sawmill, Farm : Just some basics resources stuff that u need to upgrade.

–Temple : The place where u can find some sick and cool heroes with skills and buffs/lvl , The more ur city have fame, the cooler u can get the heroes, Fame can be acquired by upgrading your buildings, and doing some research, so don’t forget to do just that to get some 6-8 star heroes ^^ and remember to see the skills and buff they can get.