Why you leaved us?

CM Ares I saw you replied after near a week to one post… There still a lot of questions without answers yet… And a lot more at discord i want to know why an official site like this was literally abandoned by all oficial representatives… I want to know why you leaved us and what you will do to compensate us for the inconvenience of literally be abandoned by Nikea.
And what you will do to make it never happen again?

My deepest apologies for the delay. Due to the hectic schedule, I am afraid but it might be hard to give support via unofficial methods like Discord. And as for your post in this forum, I apologize for the delay and will post a reply shortly. Since the forum is an official community, we will try our best to give support to the players visiting this forum.

So… Just a sorry? As far as i know there was reports without answers, questions about reports that is already to late, low information about earthquake… And no promises that won’t happen again… It’s like… That forum won’t be trusted anymore… And you should check at least discord first to answer some messages there and advice that you just will reply here (and as far as i saw and you said isn’t really one sure thing) and leave discord for a while…
Sorry but i consider that as you failed me.

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