White Day! Sour Gift Boxes Full of Lollipops!

Time Frame

  • Mar 12’s EQ to Apr 2’s EQ


  • Chasms will drop Sour Gift Box from time to time.
  • Sour Gift Boxes give you one of the followings when used: Repute, Sycee, Special Resources, Boyfriend, Resources, Lollipop, 8 Star Champion, etc.
  • Lollipop can be exchanged for
    • Exclusive Guan Yu - 10x Lollipop / up to once
    • 8 Star Champion - 100x Lollipop / up to once
    • 7 Star Champion - 60x Lollipop / up to twice
    • 6+ Star Champion - 20x Lollipop / up to 3 times
    • 5+ Star Champion - 5x Lollipop / up to 4 times
  • You can buy 11 Lollipops with 110 Sycees up to 11 times.
  • A Lollipop gives you a small amount of special resources when used.
  • Exclusive Guan Yu will be available after the earthquake on Mar 19.

Surprise surprise Guan Yu sucks just like the last 3 heros youve done these events with. Can you at least make him not count towards our hero population? Like seriously?

Its sad the last good hero we’ve gotten is Tang Qing she didnt count towards population and she had some good Talents and Legacys.

Can you at least do some kinda event where we can fuse the last 4 heros we’ve gotten into a powerful hero with 300,000+ attack. Reward your most loyal players?

Im already at a point where ive lost interest and will stop paying the 20$ a month. So do what you want anyway.

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