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This is the official community of Three Kingdoms : The Shifters! (A.K.A Three Kingdoms) I am CM Ares who will help you with your basic questions about Three Kingdoms. You can also ask the other players here about champions, trade cities, tips, etc.! I hope you like it here.


A detailed list about the rules will be posted here. Until then, violations in this community will be punished at our discretion as per our Terms of Service.

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@cm_ares why i dont gain my rewarde from share event ?

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I think that they give the prizes when the earthquake happen. And second it’s hard to get rewards, if you go in the korean section of the forum you will see that there is people who shared the link in more then 20 sites so… hard to be in the first 10 positions (prizes are for the first then people who shared the most).
But in regards of this. CM Ares why in the korean description of the event we can see that every partecipant will receive a prize? (Think it’s a bad translation but I guess it’s a 5* hero). In the english description it’s not included…

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The rewards will be given after evaluation. :slight_smile:

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