Welcome to Orpheus Story Forum!

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Welcome to Orpheus Story Forum! :slight_smile:

I just opened a forum for the global players! It must’ve been very difficult to use the Facebook group because of its lack of features. Voila, here I present to you all, a new forum for you guys. Here you can view and post topics related to Orpheus Story! But before that, let me teach you the rules of this forum!

Basic Rules

  • Post things that are related to Orpheus Story; things that are not related to Orpheus Story may be deleted without notice.
  • Choose the most appropriate category for your topic; you must choose a sub-category (e.g. Q&A, Suggestions, etc.) The detailed description of each sub-category is written below.
  • Post things related to Orpheus Story only.

Which Category Fits Your Topic?

  • Announcements: The announcements and news related to Orpheus Story are posted here. Only the staff can post here.
  • Events: Information about events is posted here.
  • Open Discussion: You can post and discuss anything related to Orpheus Story here! If your topic doesn’t fit to any other category, post it here.
  • Trade Kingdoms: Are you looking for trade kingdoms or players to trade with? Then, this is the category for you.
  • Art Gallery: Have you drawn a fan art? Post it here so that other lords can appreciate your drawings!
  • Guides: Want to help new players and even seasoned veterans by sharing your tips and hero facts? Your legacy will enrich the community!
  • Q&A: Got some question? Ask it here as long as it’s related to the forum or Orpheus Story.
  • Suggestions: Have you come up with feature requests? Post them here and I’ll tell the dev team about your ideas! You can also suggest new tags and categories here too!
  • Bug Reports: Found an anomaly while playing? Post it here so that we can improve Orpheus Story! We’d really appreciate your help.

Unofficial Communities

Here is the list of the unofficial communities that might help you with the game!

Other Official Ways to Get Help

Want to contact the staff of Nikeagames Co., Ltd.? Look at the options below!

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Good day, CM Ares, milord. Thank you for opening up the global forum. The Facebook group is not very effective for a while. Now I need to learn from the FAQ first. XO.

The @discobot is so cool!

(CM Ares) removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #4

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