VIP Point Transfer Additional Notice

Hello, I am CM Ares.

I am announcing an additional notice regarding the VIP Point Transfer.

Including the ones you my lords have inquired, I have prepared notice in the form of questions and answers.

I still cannot see the VIP Transfer button.

The VIP Transfer was enabled around 2pm UTC+9. Those who tried transferring before 2pm, please try again. And if you still do not see the button, please try again with the APK file below.

Will my VIP Points be added to the VIP Points in God Wars?

Once you transfer the VIP Points from Orpheus Story, the VIP Points are added to the VIP Points in God Wars.

I transferred to a wrong account.

If you send an inquiry, I will check on it and move the VIP Points to a different account in God Wars.

What is the latest version of Orpheus Story?

The latest version of Orpheus Story is 1.3.27. You can see the version at the left bottom when you turn the game on.

I deleted the application. Can I have the APK file?

Please use the links below to download the APK.

Zeus, Poseidon, Athena


I want to transfer VIP Points in iOS Orpheus Story but the button does not show up.

If you send the lordname in God Wars via in-game inquiry, I will move the VIP Points for you.

Thank you for all the love and passion you have shown to us since the very start of God Wars. We will work even harder to better the game experience.


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