• Apr 10th 3pm UTC+9, for 60 minutes


  • Inactive players are moved to inactive areas, as per the standards.
  • Kingdoms get rearranged according to their score. (Moved by up to 5 kingdoms)
  • Empty kingdoms may be added.
  • Some kingdoms in areas that have too many empty kingdoms may be removed.
    • Kingdoms may move more than 5 cities if empty kingdoms get removed.
    • Kingdoms that have no occupied dominion are liable to removal.
    • The kingdom score of kingdoms get recalculated.


Hero Exchange

Now you can exchange message-reward heroes that you already have for Diamonds.

New Rankings

War, Trade, Loot, Raid, and Politics rankings are added.


  • User : The sum of research score, army score, dominion prosperity, etc.
  • Temple : The number of possessing temples

Weekly (Reset at Every Earthquake)

  • Trade : Weekly total trade count
  • War : Weekly sum of army score your enemies lost due to your attack
  • Loot : Weekly sum of resources you loot
  • Politics : Weekly sum of user ranking score you earn
  • Raid : Weekly score of destroying Chasms and Great Chasms.


  • Adjusted the minimum speed of heroes and armies to 1.

Nice update, thank you for this.
Now that you are updating the rank system, could you remove from the top the players whose accounts got deleted due to inactivity pls? Its annoying to still see them there xD

Edit: What about adding also some kind of reward to this new ranking system? like giving something to the players who broke the more chasms or great chasms, or the one who traded more etc? You could even add some Tittle rewards maybe? Like for example the one who destroyed more Chasms will get the next week the tittle of “Chasms farmer” and that will provide him a bonus of xp when farming chasms as long as he has the tittle? Could be a great system to motivate people to be more active in farming, trading etc!


It seems a great idea!
(still thinking about Hades countdown of troops XD)

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