Hello, it has been a long time.

Firstly, I’d like to thank you all my lords for loving Orpheus Story.
All the compliments for us, although we are not so qualified, helped us a lot come so far.

As many of you might be worrying, Orpheus Story hasn’t had any events or updates.
We wanted to maintain the development of Orpheus Story at the same rate as Three Kingdoms. But as we fixed a lot of flaws in the basic structure of Orpheus Story, Three Kingdoms became very different from Orpheus Story; therefore, the Sell Off feature and Fallen Dominion system are what we could implement in Orpheus Story.
We could not change Orpheus Story’s core structure. It is all because of our lack of ability. We deeply apologize for disappointing you.

We have come to a conclusion that we could not maintain both Three Kingdoms and Orpheus Story at the same time. And we also thought neglecting Orpheus Story is not good.
So we are planning to bring the new system of Three Kingdoms and put it into the remake version of Orpheus Story.
And due to that, the current Orpheus Story will be removed from markets and the remake version will be released in about 3 months.

Of course, you can keep playing the current Orpheus Story.
But as it is not in the markets, you cannot purchase anymore and once you remove the application, you cannot reinstall the application.
Furthermore, as the application cannot be updated, only the stories and balance adjustments will be the only things we can change for the current Orpheus Story.
Currently, we have no plans to shutdown the servers but when the circumstances of the company become not so great or when the number of players is not enough to properly run as a game, they may be shutdown.

As for all the lords who have played Orpheus Story so far, you can take the VIP Points to the new version, God Wars : Choice of Orpheus.
The Diamonds, researches, quests, etc. can’t be taken; only the VIP Points can be taken to the remake version.
The VIP Points can be given to only one account. And one account of the remake version can take VIP Points only once from one account of the current Orpheus Story. And when it turns out that the accounts you used to transfer VIP Points aren’t yours, the accounts can be banned or punished.
And even if you transfer VIP Points, you can keep playing Orpheus Story with the account.

The title of the remake version will be God Wars : Choice of Orpheus.
God Wars will be updated at the same rate as Three Kingdoms and all the improvements in user expereience and everything we made in Three Kingdoms will be improved and implemented in God Wars.
It will not be a completely new game, but the features and skills of heroes will be changed dramatically and as there will be legions the battle mechanics will resemble Three Kingdoms.
But both Three Kingdoms and God Wars will maintain its own style and we will work ever harder to make it enjoyable.

Please check out the schedule regarding the app removal.

  • Purchase Gets Blocked: Aug 14 3pm
  • App Removal from Markets: Sept 14



  • Aug 14 3pm UTC+9
  • All Servers – for 60 minutes


  • Inactive users are moved to the beginner’s world, as per the standards.
  • Kingdoms get rearranged according to their score. (Moved by up to 5 kingdoms)
  • Empty kingdoms may be added.
  • Some kingdoms in areas that have too many empty kingdoms may be removed.
    • Kingdoms may move more than 5 kingdoms if empty kingdoms get removed.
    • Kingdoms that have no occupied dominion are liable to removal.


Fallen Dominion


Fallen Dominions are coming to Orpheus Story, too.

When an inactive player gets to be moved to the beginner’s world, all the dominions of the lord will become Fallen Dominions. You can loot Fallen Dominions until they get destroyed.

There are no armies in Fallen Dominions and they produce resources at the rate of their yield until they get destroyed.

A Fallen Dominion becomes destroyed when it reaches the attack limit or the end of its lifetime. And once it is gone, an Empty Land replaces it.

Normally, a Fallen Dominion’s lifetime is 30 days and its attack limit is Level of Castle x 10. x48 in the image shows the remaining attack count.

Sell Off


From now on, you can sell off trade goods if your neighbor doesn’t accept it.

After 12 hours of no response, you can sell off the goods for 50% of the trade profit. However, just like canceling trades, the like-o-meter decreases.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the error in calculation of maximum amount of available guild statues.
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Is there no benefit for playing this game any more other than transferring the VIP point?

Does new server give rewards to top 10 players or top 10 guilds in previous game?
Can CM give us some reasons and motivations to continue playing this game?


Dear CMAres,

I do not know that whether you understand this. However, most of the people care about the progression they made i.e the heroes and researches. They also care about the diamonds they have brought and accumulated. VIP points is the least of their concern.


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So do we get a even playing field first like releasing global server first and not just korean server. will this this new OS suffer the same neglect in the future? Will the story line be at least a little bit different so that we wont have to go through all the same story again and see some new heros. If its just adding the new battle mechanic then why waste your time making a whole new game for just that 1 change.

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Regrettably, yes, if you’re planning to move to the remake version. However, you can keep playing the current version of Orpheus Story and we won’t shutdown the servers so easily.

As for the rewards you mentioned, unfortunately, there won’t be any rewards other than the VIP Points.

Again, we apologize for the lack of our ability. This conclusion was made because the deep-rooted flaws in Orpheus Story were very difficult for us to solve.

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Hello, Obliviou.

We are all aware of how much you care about the progress you made and so we will maintain the server, and the progress of yours will be maintained until the end of the servers. And we’re not planning to shutdown the servers so easily.

Through discussions, we concluded that the VIP Points would be the only thing that can be transferred to the remake version, which I regret to inform.

We deeply apologize for the lack of our ability.

Best regards,
CM Ares

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Your team should consider compensating the others and refund them especially people who spend loads of money only to be useless

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Are we going to get a even playing field? In 3 kingdome korean server got released first and when global hit they started to bully the new players that didnt understand the game mechanics.they even made use of a bug in the game that caused them to have millions of soldiers in korean server but when global released that bug was there for only a few weeks and no one knew about it. They used that bug to bully us, so here i ask will we have a even playing field where we all experience the same thing or is this game going to be subjected to a 1 sided war?

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We will do our best to release the new game globally at the initial release. We also do not want the gameplay to be unfair. We will always work hard to give you the best experience.

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That means nothing i guess. Researchs also means nothing, items also means nothing, guild also means nothing, troops also means nothing… I csn continue but… Just vip lvls, that gaves Nikea money is what it counts… Is really hard to think a solution? Made a calculation and gave tickets reducing time to the researchs equivalent to thw time we wasted researching. Gave days played. If story is the same, just save story done… About heroes, cjexk collection and gave hero tickets same as the number in collection…
Without that, game will die.


Yeh you still havent answered my 1st replys question as to is the story going to be any different or is it going to be a garbade remake that has similar story lines.
As well as the question will the new game suffer the same neglect in the future like the old OS( yes i still hold a grudge and no i’m definently not letting this slide)

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Oh and how we can be sure that you are are able to hold God wars and 3 kingdoms at same time? How we can be sure it won’t happen again? It also can happen to both after you release 3rd game. Hard to trust you now…

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Also… Great update, i guess

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Can you guarantee that the player’s technology and soldiers can be transferred to new games? …

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It’s a good idea that the player has nothing to do but you earn money from the player.

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Cm is really good. Take care of your own Koreans. Continue to play after the transfer. People from other countries continue to be squeezed.

After the Koreans don’t play the new game, you have to close the game again, right? haha

It’s really a fool to spend money, but we’re really stupid to believe this game.

If you don’t give a compensation plan, you will wait for us to let your old players go to your new game and promote your achievements everywhere.

I bet that he won’t answer us more… They already have it decided and won’t listen to community. As usual…

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Again, we are very sorry that we came to the conclusion.

We all appreciate the support and concern you showed us for Orpheus Story. And so, we wish we could maintain Orpheus Story with Three Kingdoms at the same rate of updates. However, due to the flaws in the system of Orpheus Story, it is difficult to develop along with Three Kingdoms and that was why we couldn’t do any updates for Orpheus Story. Therefore, we aim to make a new game whose system resembles Three Kingdoms, so that it would be much easier to maintain together and present more contents for the players. We deeply apologize that we neglected Orpheus Story for months. We will not do it again with the new version of Orpheus Story.

And as for the early release in Korea, it was because the game didn’t need to be translated into Korean as it was already in Korean. We didn’t intend to give advantages to Korean players. The English version of Three Kingdoms was delayed – as some of you who played before the global release through the Korean market may have noticed – because the translation job wasn’t finished in schedule. We apologize that the English version of Three Kingdoms wasn’t released punctually. We will do our best not to let that happen for the next game too.

The remake version of Orpheus Story will be changed a lot. It won’t be like just simple remastering. Firstly, we will fix the flaws that existed since the very start of Orpheus Story. And next, we will improve the UIs and user experience. Many improvements we made in Three Kingdoms will be implemented in the new Orpheus Story – better buff calculation system, formations, collections, etc. And from there, we will develop both Three Kingdoms and Orpheus Story at the same rate.

Thank you all for coming with us so far. It is all thanks to you that we are here today. We apologize for our lack of ability and having disappointed you. We will do our best to improve ourselves and to live up to the loves and expectations you have in us.

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The remake isn’t the bad part. The just destroy the progress is what we hate. Is that really hard to keep more than just vip points?
Turn collections into hero tickets and gave it. Keep daily login days. Keep story progress. Gave diamonds or reduction research time tickets for each research done. Gave the like-o-meter of story heroes. Gave the hero slots, the research slots, the training slots and the building permanent slots…
Basically, keep progress and don’t just delete it. If you want to make it fair just delete old servers and make 2 new remake servers: One where you can transfer from old Orpheus and a new one when all are forced to start again.
That remake destroying all old progress literally is a betray to all community.