Unfair Reports

I felt that I have been unfairly reported by the user for usage of sexual expression. I do no believe what I said was sexual. Please explain to me how is this sexual because I no longer understand what is acceptable in Orpheus story

Yours Sincerely,

The reason of the warning is having participated in a derogatory conversation – the conversation with Frick which is depicting sexual relationship between actual users Jaina and coola.

I did not depict they had sexual relationship. In fact if you read the message, I even stopped another user to not talk about sexual stuff. If you do notice frick was avout to go in depth about sexual position but I stopped him by saying doesn’t matter

The reason of the warning is focused on the participation of that specific conversation.

But then… Even say something in that conversation will be a warning reason? Or even try to avoid that ends in a derogatory conversation? That didn’t sounds logic…

However, it is elementary school teasing. I meant it as a joke. I do not see it as I have implied that they are in a homosexual relationship. I am absolutely sure I did not talk about sexual stuff either

Right. Just participating won’t result in a warning.

Then i don’t know why Oblivious gets a warning… Seems like “love” is censured in general chat?

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Is love not allowed in the game? D:?

You haven’t answered mine and Nilo1 question D:

If thats unfair or vulgar or whatever…
Then purelite would have got banned a long time before…
I know what he hides in his closet.xD

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