Twilight - i just have a few questions and suggestion about the "Sun of Humanity" concept!

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Twilight - Last Thursday at 7:00 PM

@CM Ares, i just have a few questions and suggestion about the “Sun of Humanity” concept!

First: how much power does that title weilds? All high rankers will obliterate anyone who has that.

Second: if implemented, a challenge system must be made, what parameters will it need? “If there is a sun, then there must be ladder system it entails”

Third: since predation is one of the key to win, can it have a side effect too? Like a % reduce in rss production! “Lets make more cunning and deadly players”

Last: This ends my questions for now! Thank you for reading it! I will ask again.:slight_smile:

Great question. Actually, there aren’t no specific plans regarding the Sun of Humanity. All that’s been set is that the sun will be able to collect tax from all over the world and enable certain effects for each world – like chaning the chasm spawn rate, great chasm spawn chance, distance, etc.

And as for the predation, we’re constantly trying to balance out Orpheus Story. My deepest apologies if you feel the current environment is not balance enough. We’ll work harder to improve it.

Uh… Collect tax seems to break balance, i can’t think a way to collect tax and didn’t get billions of rs each hour… Giving an unfair income to the king.
I like the enable certain effects for each world…
But won’t be better make like a “competition” of kings? Making one king in each world that needs to balance the effects to make it a better world than the rest or they will leave that world…
And if it’s possible, a constant votation where you can change vote often (near a day of coldown will be okay) so kings really need to thing how they manage it if they want to keep the power.

Yeah I think if Nikea is set on going through with this “Sun of Humanity” implementation, at least make it less powerful or make it so that different worlds have their own king.