To One Hundred Thousand Downloads! Event

(CM Ares) #1

Hello, I am CM Ares.

Since Three Kingdoms was featured on Google Play, thousands of lords have downloaded Three Kingdoms! :tada:

We prepared this event to pray for One Hundred Thousand Downloads! Thank you for your constant support and love towards Three Kingdoms! We will work ever harder to further improve Three Kingdoms.


  • Gives 10 Sycees
  • Gives 10 Tavern Reroll Ticket
  • Tavern Visiting Champions +2
  • VIP Points at Purchase +25%


  • May 1 to May 15

Thank you.

(Pound brain) #2

To 100,000 Downloads!!!

(ozlovelove) #3

มันจะถึง 1 แสน โหลด มัยเนี้ยยยยย


To 100,000 Downloads!!!


I made over 10 times download.

(Bankplus Mastercard) #6

Để 100.000 lượt tải xuống !!!