Three Kingdoms are Here! Pre-register Event!

(CM Ares) #1

My deepest apologies for attaching Korean screenshots as the English versions aren’t ready for now.

At last, the pre-register event for the second game of Nikeagames’ trilogy [Three Kingdoms : The Shifters] is here!

Despite my worries, my guide career will continue!
I am so happy! Bwahaha!

Just like Orpheus Story, there are visual novels in Three Kingdoms : The Shifters too! And you will notice several connections with Orpheus Story throughout the story.

I hope you find them out when the game releases!

This is one of the scenes of the visual novel. You get to encounter a mysterious girl while commuting. Don’t you recognize some familiar figure?

Bwahaha, as I said that there are several connections between Three Kingdoms and Orpheus Story, you will meet some familiar characters in Three Kingdoms!

Are you curious about how the story of the Nikeagames’ trilogy will go? Then, I suggest you to install [2048 Orpheus] and find out many hidden stories while waiting for Three Kingdoms to release!

In Three Kingdoms, dominions are [Towns] and there is [Mansion] instead of castle. There are arranged quite orderly compared to Orpheus Story!

Kingdoms are [Cities] and there are [Villages], [Bandit Camps], [Yellow Turban Camps], and in the middle, there is [Mayor’s Palace] which is great temple of Orpheus Story.

The Mayor’s Palace is occupied by Yellow Turbans, the army of hell for Three Kingdoms, by default.

And Bandit Camps and Yellow Turban Camps are chasms and great chasms. However, the rewards, respawn rate, some various aspects will vary, so you will have to use different strategy to destroy them!

Worlds are [Regions], and each region has a different name. And we tried to make the picture feel like it’s ‘Three Kingdoms’. It sure feels like it, right? Bwahaha!

You have to hire [Champions] before engaging in wars just like you hire heroes in Orpheus Story. Temples are [Taverns] and new champions will visit there periodically.

There are new attributes called [Control] and [Politics], and each champion has prefered position. And skills are [Legacies] and every legacy will be available at the level 1. [Talents] are the only thing that will be gradually available as the level goes up.

Bwhaha! Taverns! I should visit there after work! Bwahaha!
I think we will meet a lot! Bwahaha!

Back to introduction about Three Kingdoms, in Three Kingdoms, there are Barracks, Arsenal, Market, etc. too. And – one of the biggest differences – each building can have its manager and the buffs will be applied as per the champion assigned to the building.

And! Another biggest difference – in Three Kingdoms, there is [Legion]. Each legion is formed with the leader, champions, and units. And you have to set the formation for each legion.

The formations include No Formation, Wedge, Spear, Wing, etc., and each formation has its unique buffs and debuffs.

For example, Wedge increases the attack damage at Plains and also increases the speed of Infantry, Cavalry, and Archery. Likewise, formations have their own buffs, debuffs.

At each place, a champion can be assigned and the legion will get buffed according to the arrangement of champions. And you will see how fond the champions are of their positions, so take them into consideration to make the most efficient formation for your legions!

And you must have wondered while seeing [Plains] up there. In Three Kingdoms, there are land types and weathers. And we are planning to add legacies or talents that are affected by weathers and land types!

We will try to inform more about [Weather], [Land Type], and so on in next posts. Today’s introduction to Three Kingdoms ends here!

And we are doing Pre-register Event for Three Kingdoms now in Korea, so we will give you, my lords in Orpheus Story, rewards as per the total number of users who applied for the Three Kingdoms Pre-register Event. The rewards will be given at Mar 13’s EQ, so make a note of it.

And refer to the list below for further details.


Rewards will be given according to the total number of users who applied for the Three Kingdoms Pre-register Event.

  • 5,000 - 10 Diamonds
  • 10,000 - 20 Diamonds
  • 15,000 - 20 Diamonds, 10 Temple Reroll Tickets
  • 20,000 - 30 Diamonds, 1 Random 5+ Star Hero
  • 25,000 - 30 Diamonds, 1 Random 5+ Star Hero, 1 Lunar New Year’s Fortune Bag
  • 30,000 - 50 Diamonds, 1 Random 5+ Star Hero, 2 Lunar New Year’s Fortune Bags
  • 50,000 - 70 Diamonds, 1 Random 5+ Star Hero, 3 Lunar New Year’s Fortune Bags
  • 100,000 - 100 Diamonds, 1 Random 5+ Star Hero, 4 Lunar New Year’s Fortune Bags
  • 150,000 - 150 Diamonds, 1 Random 5+ Star Hero, 5 Lunar New Year’s Fortune Bags
  • 250,000 - 300 Diamonds, 1 Random 6+ Star Hero, 10 Lunar New Year’s Fortune Bags
  • 500,000 - 600 Diamonds, 1 Random 7+ Star Hero, 20 Lunar New Year’s Fortune Bags


I don’t see it in the Google Play store.

(Juan) #3

OS player here.
Despite I didnt play this game yet so I cant judge if its good or not, first impression feels like a “Chinese copy of OS” to me.
Once more personal opinion is you should focus on OS and stop investing in other things like this one. Why? Well, OS is a GREAT game that you already have, great art, great story, great mechanics, overall a great game which only negative aspect is that there are almost 0 people playing it due to the lack of publicity you made of the game so… Just stop investing in this kind of things and invest in publicity to make OS as popular as it should be. Seriously, there are A LOT of strategy games like OS (in mechanical aspects) with TONS of players and those games are WAAAY worse than OS is in every aspect.
Sorry for the big and negative comment but I guess this is what a lot of players think about it…And once more this new game could be cool and even better than OS but… it isnt OS and you cant expect us to just migrate and lose all the time (and money) we invested in OS to try another game when you just let OS die.

(Nilo1) #4

Yeah… And i wonder if you will put some things (like Legion system) to orpheus… It seems so interesting and it suits if you do it with greek war formations. (Will be better if you made it customizable XD)

(Momoren) #5

So Nikea was busy developing(reskinning) OS as a new game…
The art looks so bad imo and don’t tell me Nikea didn’t know that the art of OS was one of the huge point that attracted lots of players.
Rather you all focus on OS than this flop of a game…
Definitely not looking forward to this game.

(PasserbySo) #6

well how to say it
to be honest the character image is uh not appealing
Orpheus story has better character image and satisfying
even guy like Tmolus has his charm you know

and why is charlotte and Nike there?
is it england and Greek force to the china?
who create charlotte there? also moon goddess of china?

and moreover cold treatment that the community manager showed in discord is quite bad, i advise to fix that first and treat global player equaly
not ban after report or ban and warning all in on ( full you lolololol )
then add mass ban and mass warning
oh sorry sidetracked
i believe better focus on orpheus story because look more satisfying
than china’s eunuch story and mostly Male as majority in history

(Ιστορία) #7

Waa I’m so happy Nikea finally release a new game after this whole week not responding any reports or questions asked by players. Seems Nikea works really hard for a copy game of Orpheus Story. Good job! :relaxed:

While the art style is not my cup of tea, I think it may attracts some players outside there or some loyal NEETs who have free time to create 15 alts and declare war to entire “foreigner” guilds. And until now, I’m actually wondering on why looting inactive is called unjust play while making lot of alt accounts are fair? :thinking: Can someone be kind and explain it to me?

Anyway, cheers for the new game. Although too bad, I can’t find where to do pre-registration :relaxed:

(Ryan) #8

Interesting concept, still needs a fair amount work by the look of it,but not bad would have ben nice to not see a re-skin of orpheus with some minor added content and detail

(Apache pilot doggo) #9


(CM Ares) #10

Thank you for your idea about the Legion system! We will continue to develop new systems for both Orpheus Story and Three Kingdoms! We will do our best to present far better experience to you all!

(CM Ares) #11

The game is not yet released. It’s planned to be released in March. :slight_smile:

(CM Ares) #12

I really appreciate your warm concern and support regarding Orpheus Story. And thank you for sharing your opinion about Three Kingdoms : The Shifters. We promise you all that we will continue to develop and improve Orpheus Story along with Three Kingdoms. We will not abandon Orpheus Story.

(CM Ares) #13

Three Kingdoms : The Shifters is the second game of our trilogy, which might be unfamiliar to you global players but we have been telling the Korean players that Orpheus Story was planned as a trilogy, which is the reason why Nike and Charlotte are there. Check out 2048 Orpheus if you’d like to know about hidden stories of Orpheus Story.


Thanks you Where can we pre-register?

(Ivyshao) #15

God almighty…

Where can i pre register?

May my pray be answered…
Thank you deaar god