Three Kingdoms 1st Anniv.! An Abundant Anniv. Event!


Time Frame

  • Mar 12’s EQ to Mar 26’s EQ


  • 5 more champions will visit taverns.
  • The fame will be increased by 100,000.
  • The main town yield will be increased by 50%.
  • The crew bonus sycees will be doubled.
  • 365 Sycees will be given via in-game message at sign-in.

That’s right.

It’s the first birthday of Three Kingdoms : The Shifters.
March 8, 2018…

“What should we do if million users surge in and the server gets down as soon as publish it on Google Play?
We should prepare for a new server to prevent it.”

It’s been a year since we foolishly worried such a thing.

I think this happened yet again… It’s like Deja vu…

We all think all of this have been possible all thanks to the love of you, my lords.
And that is why we are so ashamed of ourselves.
There are still lots to be made and improved…

And so, we uploaded the future plan after the Throne Conquest on the forum. And the plan is about a terrifying system called the coup system.

Coup? You must be thinking Throne Conquest hasn’t come out yet, and you’re talking about a new system?
You’ve got a point there. We are very sorry.
We should develop the new features without sleeping and eating…
Ah… we deeply apologize for eating…
Sob We love you, my lords. We all greatly appreciate that you are still playing Three Kingdoms despite the slow development speed.

And you already know that.
I, Nike, do not express gratitude only with words.
I’ve prepared 365 Sycees and an abundant event out of gratitude.

We will continue doing our best.

I hope when we are doing the 2nd Anniv. event, there are lots of conquest battles and coups happening here and there.
We promise you that we will do our best until then.

And you already noticed that I am giving you 365 Sycees so that you can use 1 Sycee per day until the 2nd Anniv. event, right?

See you next year!!!


Feeling :crying_cat_face: for being uninvited to the birthday party of three kingdoms.
-Gods Quest players.

Wish you happy anniversary

I need the gift pls

We too want gifts.