the bloody path of f2p....

Hello there
Welcome to Autumn’s way of playing

There will always be more f2p than VIPs, we must carve a bloody path to be alive in this game…

This is a war game, and a little bit of management sim…

  • making troops is priority (never stop making them)
  • do notice, 3000 for each unit gives the max damage output ( before the research to increase that base number)
  • go and find peoples to be a crew member, it gives 1% income increase for the main city. (Max is 100%)
  • be active in taking the bandit camps, you can get special resource that will be used in reasearch
  • be active in trading with neighbours

You need all those income to make troops, and train them better

The last is, PLUNDER AND FIGHT !!!
Take everything, leave nothing !!!

Created by autumn of peach garden server

Ps : dont forget to click my name and choose add CREW !!!

Have a nice gaming experience with nikea and me…



Is that really yooooo :astonished::astonished::astonished:

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