Special Resources Scarcity/Requirements

(Nuki) #1

Am I the only one who feels that special resources are too scarce in the game / the requirements for special resources are too great?

It is going to take FOREVER to study the required studies with their immense special resource requirements, together with upgrading league buildings. I personally feel it is unbalanced at the moment.

  • Special Resources are too scarce/limited
  • Special Resources are fine
  • Special Resources are too abundant

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(Gabriele Veronelli) #2

We want the slum! √óD

(Nuki) #3

@cm_ares @cm_dev Please note our concerns. Even though not many people have voted, everyone agrees in global chat that we need to be able to acquire special resources more easily

(CM Ares) #4

Thank you for starting the vote about the special resources.

As we have been hearing from users that they think it is difficult to get enough special resources, we have been taking a look at the balance concerning the special resources. We are constantly discussing the game balance to present much better experience.

We truly appreciate your opinions.