Server shutdown notice

Hello. This is the Nicaea Games Operation Team.
Our Nicaea Games will be declared bankrupt at the end of this month, and the Apollo, Artemis, and Gaia servers will be terminated on July 6th.
However, LyreSoft, which is developing and collaborating with Nicaea Games, has decided to take over and service the Zeus server.

It has been agreed that LyreSoft will open a new server on July 7th and transfer 100% of the remaining unused diamonds and 50% of the VIP points for the terminated server.

If you wish to transfer diamonds, please leave your “Lord’s name, server name, current diamonds, current VIP points” in the in-game options - Customer Support, and we will collate the data and transfer it to LyreSoft.

You can still search for LyreSoft on Google Play and download the Orpheus Story app.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Lords who have shown us so much love and affection for our game.