Restoration of died units

I don’t know but what i think is most players who quit game after an attack is bcz of units.
It really feels bad that the units you been training for months died within a second.
So i think it will be good if …
The units that we can revive and and the number/percent of units that we can revive should be increased to like 90% or 80% and price should also be decreased.
Its just too much currently…which makes hard for people to stand back again.
I’m just a f2p(sorry)so…it isn’t a that big of a hit for me…but think about those who spend real money.its a shock for them.

Please do not feel sorry for being f2p; I truly appreciate your warm concern and constant support towards our game and I promise you that we’ll work harder to improve the overall game experience.

As for your suggestion, thank you for posting it publicly so that other users read this post later and thus improving the community. :slight_smile:

I really appreciate your concern regarding weak players and I’ll tell the game designer about your suggestion. Thank you for your support and love towards Orpheus Story and we’ll do our best to improve it.

F2p user here too (well, i used some Google money to buy some things with Google Rewards, but i still considering myself as a f2p XD). I think the tax rate and price is really good enough… (and yeah, i needed more than 25bill of rs to cure all my injured troops XD) If you make the tax more high wars will never end because literally both sides will have near all army again after the battle, if you make it more cheap people will use it (even more than now) to store safe units, you just kill it and let them dead… When you need it you just cure it and use it, making a big army from nesr nothing and if you do both things (increase tax and decrease the price) no one will care about loses… Or even troops, attacking all to get rs and losing near nothing even if you lose XD
The problem with curing troops tax happens in gt… When you lose the gt all injured troops just… Dissappear, making you unable to cure it and losing all troops forever. I think it will be good if they arrives at main with the remnants troops.

And… One thing off topic… Cm Ares, what make you decide which post answer and which not? Because a lot of users literally feels like Nikea abandoned us (me included until you do something to get trust back…)

I think the game is well done in the aspect of curing troops, if you could cure a bigger amount of your army or you could cure them for less ressources wars would never end and like Nilo said people could exploit it in some ways. The actual price and amount of troops you can cure is fine, people who loses their whole armies with out having enough rss to cure them its just people who decided a bad spot / player to fight and this is a strategy game afterall, we should be glad we could cure 50% of the troops which die in battle.