Reminder of Hero suggestion list. (from Olympia in discord)

Hey @cm_ares, we made a hero suggestion list in the ask cm ares channel.
I figured it would be covered in a tonne of other questions and messages soon so i decided to put them here for easy acces!
Thanks for your time!

Perses, titan god of destruction.
Ophion, the ancient king of the titans before he was defeated by Rhea and Cronus.
Charybdis, the whirlpool monster defeated by Odysseus.
Cerberus, guardian dog of hell.
Castalia, nymph who was turned into a fountain by Apollo.
Ajax, hero who battled hector for a full day during the trojan war until the gods interfered.
Priapus, hard to explain, you might have to google this god.
Charon, self explanatory.
Eurynome, ancient queen of the titans, defeated by Rhea and Cronus.
Styx, titan goddess.
Hippolyta, queen of amazons.
Atlanta, heroine that was raised by a bear and was rejected by jason on the journy for the golden fleece.