Regarding the upcomming patch in may 2021

Well well well
I have to admit
I am quite saddened
I see mainly negatives in the upgcomming patch, further dividing the gap between old and new players
I hate to be a bother but could someone please explain to me in detail how this is supposed to help new players? I have shown the upcomming patch notes to multiple players, new and old. And i have yet to find a single overall positive response
Please explain and discuss why theese changes are supoosedly good? Maybee it has been lost in translation but increasing the price for heroes without changing the horrible temple chances is hardly an improvement for example
The only way for newer players to get high star heroes guaranteed by saving up diamonds “gone” so that they reroll more?
Please explain, i am very confused by theese decisions it almost feels like you want new players to quit :frowning:

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