Punishment for Unfair Gameplay

Hello. I am CM Ares.

I have received numerous reports that many users in Poseidon have been intentionally moving resources to another account by losing on purpose. And we are going to punish the actions.

We have been gathering the data regarding unfair gameplay all along. And the punishments will be given as per the data we have collected.

As we have been notifying you since the very start of the global service, intentionally giving resources to another user or account and lending resources to another user or account are qualified as unfair gameplay, liable to punishment to the extent of permanent ban at the first attempt if the severity is too high.

The list of the punished players will be announced at around February 13th 3pm UTC+9. The users will be punished prior to the announcement.

My deepest apologies for the delayed punishment regarding the unfair gameplay. We will do our best to present the fairest game experience to every player.

Thank you.


Can i ask how it will be checked? Because sometimes, loot constantly a player didn’t mean that they are giving resourses… Just… Looting… XD

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Good point. Giving and lending between related accounts will count as unfair gameplay – like same guild, same person, etc. :slight_smile:

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But… We can’t loot Guild members… And if you mean loot guild members just after kick them out of Guild because another reasons (break guild rules, inactivity…) It’s common and i didn’t even know it was punish reason XD

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Oh… And list will be public? Or we will even got a chance to defend ourselfs from ban? I mean it can make a big problem if we don’t know what will be counted as a “related” (except loots between same person accounts) and we will get any advice or something before the ban? I’m really worried because… If we are banned before list… Well… Undefended dominions and great temples even for a day can make you lose all…
And since I say before… I did things like kick a player for inactivity or break guild rules and loot it… Because as game says if it’s inactive is the best kind of village or if that player broken a guild rule is to punish that player…
Or even constantly loot a player because war or another reasons that the other didn’t defend because it’s constant attacks so why waste more rs defending than the ones i will lose because that loot?.. So…
I will really appreciate if you can tell us more information because it applies.

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If a player from same guild quit, does it count as giving rss? If player told guild he abandoning, and guildmates readied to loot after the player left guild?

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Also, it would be appreaciated if all accuses are made public before banning out of the blue…

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From your post, seems only the ones lending the rss will be banned?

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Hello, CM Ares. I have several questions regarding this post.

  1. May I know what’s the conditions that needs to fulfilled to be considered as intentionally giving resources to another user or account and lending resources to another user or account?
  2. How do you decide the severity of the actions?
  3. What’s the reason for the announcement? Well, it’s like if you announce the punished players, you are throwing them to hyenas to be preyed on. Also, will you be announcing the severity of the actions and punishment given to them?

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading and your efforts until now.


So many people worried :rofl: exciting

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Woww…nice GM … Looking for great updates in future…xd