Platform to check for your future projects.

Hi CM Ares,

How are you? As we can all feel the atmosphere of the game, the community on this game is getting less active. For example in general chat nobody is talking, the only thing that you can read in general chat is the system announcement that a player got a legendary item which is the hero token (which is not that legendary anymore since a lot of people acquiring it).

I have read an article authored by a Korean player that he was complaining about the publicity and marketing strategy of Nikea games, he emphasized that he wanted to see new players and wondering how Nikea publicize the game.

Also, we often hear about your future big plans for the game. There are no new functions or events since the first day i joined the game. Are you guys working on something big or just keeping the game like this? Hopefully we can hear something else from you aside from weeklu earthquake update.

Please make the community active. Your social media accounts are being dormant. No posts, no updates, no interactions.

Add some events or new functions on the game. Also add some new heroes.

Hopefully you will be able to read this and looking forward for your reply.

Have a nice day!

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글좀 보고 건의안좀 받아들이쇼
업데이트 안한지 너무 오래된거 같은데

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