Orpheus Story Translation Toolkit

Hello, I am CM Ares.

It has been many months since the updates for Orpheus Story stopped. Firstly, we are here to promise that we will be taking more care of Orpheus Story. We are regretful that we left you waiting for so long time because of our lack of ability.

Many of you may not believe us but we are planning to continue servicing Orpheus Story and developing it. We are going to put a spurt on our development.

We think we need to inform many global players of our game to put a spurt as strategy games are enjoyable when there are many players who you can cooperate or compete with. Players from many countries and of many languages playing with each other by either cooperating or competing. We are planning to bring many fun things to Orpheus Story.

But in order to do that, we need to improve Orpheus Story so that it would be more satisfying to global users.

So we tried our best to improve our translation by, like, hiring freelance translators but the result was in low quality which resulted in the disappointment. The story was like translated by a person who doesn’t know about the game and the characteristics of the protagonists were not properly described. There are many parts that are terrible.

However, we cannot afford time to improve it ourselves as we market and develop more new features. Therefore, we are here to ask you lords for help on translating all the visual novel in Orpheus Story. We are opening translation toolkit.

I’d really appreciate your help if you could help us improve the story.

Please note that as this toolkit has all the stories in it, it might be spoilers for those who haven’t read all yet.


In the toolkit, you can view the entire visual novel in Orpheus Story.


You can suggest revision to the visual novel like editing typos, wrong character names, bad grammar, etc.


And below the suggestion box, you can view the history of the suggestions that were made. The deleted characters are shown in red. And inserted ones are shown in green.

The English version of FAQ and Guidelines will be added soon.

Lastly, to all those who help us improve the story, we’ll reward you with VIP Points and Diamonds, proportionately to your contribution, exceeding the amount we usually give.

We know that rewards wouldn’t be much for the love and efforts of yours towards Orpheus Story however abundant they are. So we will also do our best to improve Orpheus Story, making it an extraordinary one that can present you a very unique experience.

We will be very happy if you accompany our journey.

Thank you for reading and for your love towards Orpheus Story.

We will work harder to present better experiences to you all.

Thank you.


Uh, it didn’t let me register or login, which account I need to use to enter?

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My apologies. I have fixed the bug that doesn’t allow you to register an account.

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Talking about translations i think there is a typo in Tyche feature. It is written “Should I but lotteries with all my money” and i think it supposed to say “Should i buy lotteries with all my money”