Official League Guide

Official League Guide

Hello, I am CM Ares.
In this guide, we will take a look into the league system.



  • League is a type of community that helps you play interactively with other lords.

Create League

Anyone with enough Sycees can create a league at League - Create. Once you have created a league, you need to develop your league with the help of the members.

League Chatting

  • Once you have joined a league, you can chat in the League tab.

  • In the League chatting, you can chat with the other members and check out recent news about diplomacy and battles of the other members.

League Resources

A league cannot produce resources on its own. It can use resources the members donate or the tax collected from slave leagues.

League Buildings

A league can have special buildings and statues that only leagues can have. Those buildings provide very great buffs that only leagues can offer.

Resources and Donation

  • Each league member can donate resources to their league. As a league cannot produce resources on its own, the contribution of the members are of essence.

  • There is daily donation limit and once you have reached the limit, you cannot donate more.

  • The maximum amount of Sycees you can donate to a league is equal to your VIP Points. For example, if you have 50 VIP Points, you can donate 50 Sycees to a league.

  • Each league member receives Loyalty for donated resources. They can use their Loyalty to use the League Buildings to get good buffs.

  • The amount of given Loyalty differs from each resource type and Sycees give you the most.

    Resource Given Loyalty
    1 × Silver 0.000001
    1 × Specialty 0.050
    1 × Sycee 30


  • A league can build Graces and Statues that provide league-only buffs.


  • Graces are buildings, exclusive to leagues, that can be used with Loyalty.

  • Each league member can use Graces that their league has built.

  • You can use Graces with the Loyalty you earned from donating and you can retrieve the Loyalty anytime by pressing the Reset button.

  • You can use Graces at League - Status - Buildings - Graces.


  • Statues are buildings that are exclusive to leagues.

  • You need Mayor’s Palace to place statues and the more palaces you use the better buffs you will get.

  • In order to get the buffs, you need to place statues first and Extend to set duration of the buff.

  • Only one kind of statue can be placed at once. In order to use another one, you need to discard the current statue. As you cannot retrieve resources when you discard them, be very careful about discarding statues.

  • The table below shows the statues you can use:

    Statue Buff
    Tiger Unit Damage +0.1% × Palaces
    Battle XP +2% × Palaces
    Palace Reattack Cooldown –0.2% × Palaces
    Participating Infantry +2,000
    Cow Resource Yield +1% × Palaces
    Rampart HP +2% × Palaces
    Attacking Neutral or Independent Lord Repute Penalty +100
    Participating Artillery +2,000
    Rooster Diplomacy Cooldown –0.3% × Palaces
    Speed of Every Branch +0.3% × Palaces
    No Attacking Neutral or Independent Lord Repute Penalty
    Alliance Trade Bonus +1.5% × Palaces
    Trade Good Yield +0.2% × Palaces
    Participating Cavalry +2,000
    Monkey Study Limit +1
    Build Limit +1
    Tavern Reroll Interval –0.1% × Palaces
    Study Time –0.1% × Palaces
    Scout and Anti-Scout Skill +5
    Participating Archery +2,000
    Horse Drill Time –0.3% × Palaces
    Army Food Consumption –0.3% × Palaces
    Region Travel Time –0.3% × Palaces
    Drill Limit +2
    Participating Strategist +2,000


  • A league can build Hitlist and use the Hitlist.

  • When attacking lords on the hitlist, there is no repute penalty regardless of the diplomatic relationship.

  • 100 League Sycees are required when putting a lord on the list.

  • There is no cooldown to removing lords from the list and no sycees are needed either.

  • It is announced in the general chatting when you add a lord on the list.

  • The added lord will not get a message regarding the addition.


  • Each league can have diplomatic relationship, such as War, Peace Treaty, Slave, etc. with other leagues.

  • The diplomatic relationship affects the interaction between leagues.

Diplomatic Relationship

  • Between one league and another, there can be one relationship. That is, if you want to be alliance with a league that is at peace with your league, you need to cancel the peace treaty first.

  • The types of diplomatic relationship are as follows:

    Relationship Description
    Alliance Trade Profit Bonus 10%
    When attacking each other, the attacker’s Damage –20% and Repute –500
    Peace Treaty When attacking each other, the attacker’s Damage –15% and Repute –400
    War Trade Profit Penalty 80%
    When attacking each other, Damage +20% and a fraction of the XPs are added to Loyalty.
    Slave Cannot attack each other.
    The slave’s diplomacy follows its master’s.
    The master can collect 30% of the taxes from the slave’s palaces.

Diplomatic Messages

  • A league can make diplomatic deals by sending diplomatic messages.

  • You can send a diplomatic message once in 7 days.

  • The types of messages are as follows:

    Message Description
    Alliance Becomes alliance upon approval.
    Break Union You can send this to your alliance.
    Becomes neutral with the league without approval.
    It is counted as Deal Broken.
    Peace Treaty Becomes at peace upon approval.
    Break Peace You can send this to leagues at peace with you.
    Becomes neutral with the league without approval.
    It is counted as Deal Broken.
    Start War Starts a war without approval.
    Allies are automatically asked to join the war.
    Ask Ceasefire You can send this to leagues at war with you.
    Becomes neutral upon approval.
    Ask Surrender Upon approval, the sender becomes the master and the recipient becomes the slave
    Alliance and Peace Treaty broken at this time are counted as Deal Broken.
    Ask Independence You can send this message to your master league. Become neutral without approval.
  • Once you become a slave league, you can ask for independence in 2 weeks.

  • If your ally declares a war, you will be involved.

    • Even if you break the alliance, you cannot get out of the war.
    • If you are allied with both sides, you need to choose one within a time limit.
    • If you do not select one within time, you maintain the alliance with the league who started the war.

Diplomacy Status

  • You can view diplomatic relationship at League - Status - Diplomacy.

  • You can view diplomatic history at League - Status - Diplomacy - History.

  • You can view other leagues’ diplomatic status and history in their info.


  • 5,000 League Sycees are required to declare bankruptcy.

  • When you declare bankruptcy, the following procedure takes place:

    • The level of buildings are halved but the Storage’s level is maintained.
    • Every diplomatic relationship gets canceled.
    • The bankruptcy will be in effect for 30 days and it cannot be canceled.
    • Cannot accept new members.
    • The league members cannot attack other lords and vice versa. But they can still attack each other’s Villages.
    • The league members cannot support, be supported, and have strongholds. All the champions who are doing them retreat immediately.
    • The tax rate of all the palaces are fixed to 0%.
    • The league members cannot join another league for the next 60 days.
  • The members of a bankrupted league will have these benefits so that they can recover:

    • 5 more peddlers will visit.
    • Peddlers will give them 20% more products.
    • Other lords cannot attack their Towns and Palaces.
    • They can send supports to each other.


  • League members who have the Admin permission can appoint a role to other members.

  • The permissions are as follows:

    Permission Description
    Admin Can buy and change league symbols.
    Can change the league name.
    Can give or take permissions from members who are not admins or the leader.
    Cannot give the Admin permission
    Building Can build Basic, Graces, and Statues.
    Can place, extend, and discard statues.
    Diplomacy Can send diplomatic messages.
    Can accept or refuse diplomatic messages.
    Personnel Can accept or refuse applicants.
    Can kick out members who don’t have roles.
    Can edit the league description.
    Can add lords to the hitlist.
  • When the league leader gets moved to the beginner’s world due to inactivity, the member with the highest Loyalty will become the new leader. If there are other members who have the same Loyalty, the one who joined the earliest will become the leader.