Official Item Guide

Official Item Guide

Hello, I am CM Ares.
In this guide, we will take a look into items.



  • There are consumable items and equipment items in Three Kingdoms : The Shifters.

  • Consumable items are consumable items that give you various resources, units, specialties, buffs, champions, etc. You can get many consumable items from attendance awards.

  • Equipment items are items that can be equipped on champions. And they increase the champion’s attributes, give special buffs, or have other effects alike.

Storing Items

  • Items can be stored in Champion Inventory, Champion Equipment, and Town Storage. And if you fire a champion or desert a town, the items in them get removed so you need to be careful.

  • You can drop items you do not need. And the dropped items can never be recovered.

Getting Items

  • You can get items from Bandit Camps or Yellow Turban Camps.

  • The inventory of the champion must have space, if not, you cannot retrieve the item from camps.

  • Equipment items get randomly enhanced at drop.


  • There are consumable items like Fortune Cookies and Resource Crates.

  • You can get various consumable items from attendance awards.

  • Resource Crates, Unit Crates, etc. have 6 kinds of size – S, M, L, XL, XXL, Epic


image image image image image

  • Equipment items include Weapons, Vehicles, and Armors.

  • There are 5 grades in total and they are Normal, Great, Rare, Heroic, Legendary, and the color of the frame of the item tells you the grade.

    Color Grade
    Gray Normal
    Blue Great
    Green Rare
    Purple Heroic
    Yellow Legendary
  • Each item has an element and each element is related to the enhancement materials. The halo of the item tells you its element and you can check out the enhancement materials in the enhancement part below.

Equipping Items

  • A champion can equip various equipment items.

  • Each champion can equip different kinds of equipment and the higher the grade of the champion is, the more various items he or she can equip.

  • The branch of champion also affects the kinds of items they can equip.

Enhancing Items

  • Each equipment item can be enhanced with specialties.

  • The enhancement level is displayed in the top right of the item.

  • You can enhance an item up to 20 level and items will not be destroyed or degraded in case of failure.

  • The item grade and the enhancement level determines the amount of needed specialties.

  • Each element is related to specialties as this:

    Element Specialty
    Fire Salt
    Earth Ginseng
    Light Oil
    Wind Silk
    Water Bamboo
    Physical Sycee
  • Once you enhance an item, each effect of the item gets enhanced and the amount of increase is determined by the type of effect:

    Icon Type of Effect Increase
    image image Damage, HP 50%
    Main Buff 40%
    Attribute Buff 20%
    image Secondary Buff
    Secondary Attribute Buff
    image Unique Buff 0%

Breaking Items

  • You can break equipment items you do not need and get specialties from them.

  • The element, enhancement level, and item grade determine the specialties you get.

  • You need to be careful as broken items can never be recovered.