New magic unit suggestions

Well, as we said before, we consider that there are so low wizardry units and… That summoners are near useless so, I come here after talk with another player (I will edit and put the name if that player wants) to suggest some things that will make Wizardry type a bit more useful:

  • Summoners summoning (i told before): Summoners suddenly do what description says they do and learn to summon small beasts. Since they are small they should have low hp and low physical armor but high magic armor since they are summoned (like 10hp and 1 light armor 0 heavy armor and 10 magic armor). They should be wizardry type because they are summoned and… It won’t affect strategies. I suggest to make their attack increase with wizardry or in function of summoner damage but doing normal type of attack. I suggest to put them in the first line (even before titans) since… They are beasts so… They charge vs enemy. I suggest Spiders (from Hades enemy troops Giant Spyders, you can take that picture, make it small, put a couple more and make a miniature, and done XD) or wolves (from Hades enemy troops Wolfriders). I suggest 2 ways to get them: less work one: They are summoned just before battle based on Summoners numbers (like… each summoner summon 2 of that small beasts) and they disappear after battle. It will make that you don’t need to think about speed, capacity, food consumption or even description (though a description clicking a button in summoners should be really good). or… each day/hour/… summoners summon small beasts based on summoners number. Then more time you have your summoners, more small beasts you will have. That sounds a lot of work, capacity, speed, food consumption, description, a function to make summoners summon and call it each hour/day, calcuate what happens if summoners are traveling in that moment…
  • Archimage: A wizard that mastered the massive destruction magic and do Giant attacks, they like to throw explosions and meteorites to the enemy, since they do massive dmg, they have less basic dmg than wizards (like 60-70 as basic attack), the rest can be same as wizards. It should be a bit more expensive than wizards, and maybe a bit more slow, with a longer beard, that’s important XD.
  • Healer: They act always in the end of the turn, they are wizards that learned how to cure in temples, so they convined magic with learnings they had in temple and learned to heal troops. So when troops are done killing each other, they take away injured troops of their side and heal them. They should be able to heal based on the amount of dmg they have and… Well, they can’t resurrect troops, so, max half of the loses in that turn should be able to be healed and return to the fight. They still in battle, so they are limited by troops joining (so… with Levitation Use researchs we will get…flying healers! that should be awesome!). They hate kill someone so… They won’t attack at all cost. They will heal the nearest unit, so, random allied unit will be healed until they waste all the mana healing (dmg they have).
  • Golems: Bored wizards, that were just watching the battle because just so low can participate in, started to experiment with crazy things (swords, some knight shields, useless, heavy and highly decorated with gold…) and… with ancient spells created a golem. They are stupid, big, slow and cost a lot of iron and gold but they are so hard. They can be hitted by a titan and survive somehow, but their magic armor is so low… It’s basically iron, with some gold conections together with low magic inside that makes it work… Break the magic and goodbye golem. I wonder what will happen if someone makes a bow for them~
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It’s kinda disapointing that Nikea didin’t created more wizardry troops, wizard is one of my favorite class in a lot of games (or just magic games in general). With mages you can go so far: Necromancers, Blood mages, Alchemists, Witchs, Enchanters… well i could go on for quite some time.

If Nikea decides to add more magic units they could add them to baracks and the other building or add eniterly new building something like observatory because in my opinion it would fit in this game. Here’s why: The ancient greek philosophers were intrested in stars and they also named the constellations (which later became our zodiac signs ( fun fact: There should be 13 zodiac signs but since the church thought 13 is the devil’s number thet got rid of the 13th zodiac sign)). Or they could just name it magic school and they wouldn’t have to bother with anything i said before or just don’t add it at all.