March 23 Earthquake



  • March 23 3pm UTC+9
  • Apollo: 30 minutes
  • Artemis: 30 minutes


  • Inactive lords are moved to inactive areas, as per the standards.
  • Kingdoms get rearranged according to their score. (Moved by up to 7 kingdoms)
  • Empty kingdoms may be added.
  • Some kingdoms in areas that have too many empty kingdoms may be removed.
    • Kingdoms may move more than 7 kingdoms if empty kingdoms get removed.
    • Kingdoms that have no occupied dominion are liable to removal.


  • The list of the heroes for sale gets changed.
  • 8-star Prometheus
  • 8-star Hermes
  • 7-star Mimas
  • 7-star Peloreus
  • 6-star Argos
  • 6-star Echidna


  • Hero training cost has been adjusted and changed to consume special materials.

Please elaborate on this “fix” as of right now it seems more like artifically stunting growth
It was allready hard enough to gather drill tickets but now gathering candy/chocolate/ginseng seems to be mandatory aswell?
Im terribly sorry if this might be rude but please consider a different use for those items for example instead of using tickets and gold a candy could be used on a hero to gain exp as if it was a ticket, or something along those lines, the game is allready hurting with players leaving soon after starting, something like this wont help :confused:

Edit: just to add: i heard this was supposed to aid new players…but in actuallity this hurts new players and only “benefits” players who allready maxed heroes, please reconsider your choice or add something else to it, right now it is simply not an actual option and just offensive to your playerbase…