Lunar New Year! The World Becomes One with Quizzes!

Time Frame

  • Jan 22’s EQ to Feb 5’s EQ


  • Quizzes will be announced in the chatting during the event.
    • Each quiz will be announced 3 times with a 2-hour interval.
    • You will be able to answer the quiz for the next 24 hours since the first announcement.
  • There are 50 quizzes in total – 17 in Korean, 17 in English, and 16 in Japanese.
  • You can get the rewards from the coupon page.
    • Check the quiz number before you enter the anserr to the coupon page.
  • The rewards for each quiz are 5 Tavern Reroll Tickets.
  • The answers of all the quizzes consist alphabets and numbers only.