Lunar New Year! Get Your Fortune Bag! -- 1st Revision


Time Frame

  • Jan 22’s EQ to Feb 5’s EQ


  • Bandit Camps will drop Fortune Bag from time to time.
  • Fortune Bags give you one of the followings when used: Repute, Sycee, Special Resources, Resources, Rice Cake Soup, 8 Star Champion, etc.
  • Rice Cake Soup can be exchanged for
    • Exclusive Nike - 50x Rice Cake Soup / up to once
    • 8 Star Champion - 500x Rice Cake Soup / up to once
    • 7 Star Champion - 300x Rice Cake Soup / up to twice
    • 6 Star Champion - 100x Rice Cake Soup / up to 3 times
    • 5 Star Champion - 25x Rice Cake Soup / up to 4 times
  • You can buy 55 Rice Cake Soup with 110 Sycees up to 11 times.
  • A Rice Cake Soup gives you a small amount of special resources when used.
  • Exclusive Nike will be available after the earthquake on Jan 29.