Latest changes to drill tickets/implementation of candies, chocolates etc

This was a rather bad change in my opinion
First off: nobody enjoys nerfs, second this harms new players and further sets them apart from rankers and other older players who’ve long since leveled their heroes
Second: drill tickets were fine, making them more of a hassle to use doesnt create a better balance, infact it will just make it worse for everyone
Third: a use for the candies chocolates etc could be to serve as an alternative to tickets or an optional booster that increases the effectiveness of tickets. Hell you could even use them to add general traits to lower star heroes to make those less of a throwaway by giving players the option to customize them or…something that isnt a nerf to an allready tedious system
Fourth: absolutely nobody ive asked in the game actually thinks that this patch improves the game in any way. Infact i personally think that this decision is quite rude towards the playerbase
Fifth: i truly hope you will either revert the change and think of a different use for the candies etc. Or make them common enough for them to not be a bother, having to wait for drill tickets was bearable, having to wait for tickets and having to collect items…ontop of spending tons of gold and still needing 10 tickets öer level? That is just atrocious

I like this game, i really do, but this change as of right now, is just a slap in the face for me and i truly hope you will reconsider or improve this in other ways. If you decide not to…well congratulations you killed the only reliable way to level up high level heroes apart from throwing away thousands of units taking great temples over and over and over again dropping the temple after taking it just to take it again, i cant say i know your thoughts but i really hope that this isnt what you intended and that you will re-think this change


I agree with this , in my opinion if your goal was to capture the newer player base that have come to the game, this change doesnt serve as a balance mechanic but rather would make them uninstall this game.
Please do remember that new players also are likely to spend a lot of money in this game, but if these kind of changes keep on happening , it would actually discourage them from paying money into the game.

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Thanks for the good comment. I agree that this is a cumbersome and cumbersome change. First of all, let me explain why such a system was put in.
Existing training consumed gold in proportion to the hero’s experience. The problem was that beyond level 100, you need a huge amount of gold you need. Users who earn more than 5 billion gold per day also have expected results that will take months to years. This absolutely needed to be corrected.
Therefore, all war preparations had to be done by trade. Only trade was the best. Earning gold only trained soldiers, conducted research, and strengthened their heroes. Trade requires cooperation. That is why at the moment of war, they become isolated, lose their trade, and the gamers who understand it stop the war.
They suppressed war as much as possible, resulting in too many armies. One war destroyed all of the losers and made them impossible to recover again.
What can beat many troops is a strategic advantage using high-level heroes… In fact, even that couldn’t beat users who secured a lot of gold through trade. It was far more advantageous to pioneer for rankers and trade than to eagerly destroy the surrounding cracks.
We needed to solve this problem. Hero training that now consumes additional materials has significantly reduced gold consumption. Even if you don’t trade, if you can destroy a lot of cracks, you can have a much stronger hero than a trade-only user. And it can be a big variable in war.


Afaik most players create domains for trade and seperate domains for cracks
There is even a community “rule” to not take cracks in kingdoms owned by another player (great temple)
While i agree that gold cost was indeed high this does not relieve anyone, high level/long term players allready have plenty high lvl heroes
While this new system reduces gold cost it ultimately increases the time needed to level up heroes (due to the need to pray for item drops) while not really affecting troop count (most troops dont rely heavily on gold instead they rely on the other 3 ressorces)
Trading is “advertised” in game by plato, stating multiple times that trading is extremly important so most if not all players will look for kingdoms to trade for their second domain, usually dedicating domain 3 or 4 to chasms or cracks as you called them
I have only 4 dominions at the moment, 3 for trade 1 for chasms yet with allowance to hunt in one of the trade domains i destroy 50-100 cracks a day and still only find 1 candy most days
Your new system does infact not aid players when it comes to catching up in any way, having to save up less gold but taking far longer due to required items isnt exactly a good thing when it comes to players that played for less than a year
How about this suggestion:
Candies etc can be used as an alternative to drill tickets
Candies for heroes up to 70
Chocolates up to 90
Ginseng after 90
Instead of nerfing, add :smile:

Edit: while the 1.3k chocolate is a very kind gesture…i am unsure of wether it will actually be sufficent (also while i am at it…if you try to cause war rankers will eat easy targets first not each other while some think it is bad to attack weaker players not all do)