Large-scale balance patch notice

On May 25th, a large-scale balance patch is scheduled for GodQuest.

There have been many suggestions for balance over the years, but it has been maintained for a long time because the rules and balances of the game are not good for frequent changes.
However, I agree that not making necessary balance corrections is an act of increasing the problem.
That’s why we plan to revise many points at once in this balance patch. There may be patches that you think are positive, but I think there will be many negative patches.
You can hate most of the changes you’ve already gotten used to.
If you have various suggestions, such as large and small balances or systems, please leave them at any time through the customer support center or forum suggestion bulletin board so that they can be fully reviewed and reflected. Many suggestions would be appreciated.

First of all, there were many suggestions to diversify the ways to obtain Hero Tokens.
It is true that Hero Token was difficult to obtain because it was a very expensive item.
Therefore, it will be patched so that you can acquire Hero Tokens in chasms and great chasms.
It will be easier to obtain in more various places.

However… When the value of the Hero Token is as high as it is now, the probability is inevitably low, and it is impossible to expect that you can get the Hero Token when destroying the chasms.
Even now, it is true that 100 diamonds are dropped with a low probability in chasms, but the case of destroying chasms while expecting it is almost disappeared.
In order to have fun making plans and collecting them consistently, it seems necessary to increase the number and increase the drop rate so that you need 100 of what you needed 1 of.

The problem with this is that since the balance of the item is corrected, the value of the previously acquired Hero Token will drop to 1/100 level after the patch.
In order to solve this problem, we have looked at how to increase the number of Hero Tokens held by users by x 100 at once, but it is difficult because there is a systemically impossible part.

So, Hero Token items need to be consumed as much as possible before May 25th. This is very important.

At the same time, Hero Tokens that were provided in collection, etc. will also increase by about 100 times, so quests that can receive tokens can be a way to avoid unnecessary damage if you receive rewards after May 25.
In other words, after the patch, the value of the Hero Token item changes significantly, so please use it all before that.

In addition, the balance of the hero sales event, which was updated every week 4, will be corrected.
The difficulty of acquiring 6 stars, 7 stars and 8 stars through Temple Ticket varies greatly, but the efficiency is not several times different in the event, so there is little reason to purchase 6 stars using Hero Tokens or diamonds. It was used as an event to purchase 8 stars.
The problem is that it’s so efficient that other hero acquisition systems have taken away the value. The fact that we have increased the selection so that new users can easily obtain 8-star heroes has reduced the selection.
The biggest problem was that when the heroes that were released twice a month weren’t the heroes they wanted, they had to wait months or years to get the heroes they wanted, so I felt bored.
However, getting a hero in any other way would cost me a loss, so I didn’t even think about choosing it.
Accordingly, 6 stars will reduce the amount of hero tokens and diamonds required, and 8 stars will be greatly increased to match the balance with other hero acquisition methods.
The store’s cache item balance will also be revised drastically, but there will be a patch that lowers the cost of unused ones, such as lowering the cost of diamond consumption to 1/3 level, and increasing the price for those that were too efficient. is.

Above all, the guild buff will be greatly nerfed.

There were particularly many suggestions on various problems due to the fixation of the upper guilds that have existed since the beginning and the preferences of the upper guilds by rankers.
I was thinking about how to reinforce the penalty for guilds where rankers are gathered in the original direction, but reinforcing more than this brought another shortcut and made the game complicated and weird out of common sense. The more rules you add, the more complex and harder you get to access them.
Looking back, it reminded me that when there were no buildings giving buffs to the guild, and there was only a chat for friendship, there were more diverse guilds with many characteristics in the server, and that made the game more lively.
Therefore, the construction time of all guild buildings will be greatly increased by about 3 times, and the attack power, productivity, and consumption amount will also be nerfed to a large level. is.
In other words, it is going to be nerfed to the point where it seems that there is no guild building at all.
For example, all images that have been buffed will be deleted except for the number of classes that participated in the battle, and productivity and attack power increase will be nerfed to a level that does not significantly affect the play.
Instead, guilds plan to add various systems in the future to further highlight the meaning of friendship. The guild we are pursuing will change its direction so that it is not a group of strong and hard-working people, but a group of close friends.

The actual details of the patch that will be applied will be re-posted at the end of April.