June 7 Earthquake



  • June 7 2pm UTC+9
  • Peach Garden: 5 minutes
  • Heroic Savior: 5 minutes
  • Three Visist: 5 minutes
  • Red Cliff: 5 minutes



  • Inactive families are moved to inactive areas, as per the standards.
  • Cities get rearranged according to their score. (Moved by up to 7 cities)
  • Empty cities may be added.
  • Some cities in areas that have too many empty cities may be removed.
    • Cities may move more than 7 cities if empty cities get removed.
    • Cities that have no occupied town are liable to removal.


  • The longevity tokens obtained from attendance check rewards, collection and quest rewards are increased by 50 to 150 times.
  • New chances for Championes to acquire tokens in Bandits and Yellow Turban have been added.
  • Increases by 100 times where Champion tokens are used.


  • Sycee: 6 stars 60, 7 stars 500, 8 stars 3000
  • Champion tokens: 6 stars 60, 7 stars 500, 8 stars 3000


  • Class attack related buff changed to 1/20, consumption amount 1/20
  • Changed to 1/10 related to movement speed for all classes
  • Changed to 1/10 of the time spent on research and 1/10 of the amount consumed
  • Greater rift appearance probability changed to 1/5, consumption amount 1/5
  • Changed to 1/10 gold production, 1/5 other resource production, and 1/5 consumption amount
  • The new balance has been changed drastically
  • The statue of Hermes is changed to a magical soldier and an increase, and the statue of Poseidon is changed to a cavalry and an increase.


  • Changed the Sycee cost to 150 for reduction of working time
  • Reduced working time and changed the Sycee cost to 100
  • Changed stat redistribution cost to 10
  • Changed the Sycee cost to abandon the estate to 5
  • Changed the work reduction time per original report to 1 hour
  • Changed to 5 additional construction, research, and unit training costs for one day
    Food, wood, iron production changed to 500%
  • Increased Champion experience by 30%, and changed the buff consumption cost to 500
  • The damage, defense, and health buffs sold in the store have been modified 80% increase to 20 of Sycees.
  • Champion acquisition experience increase is reduced 500%. , 30 Sycees -> 100 Sycees
  • Increase of employee Champion visit +20 people increased to +5 people increased, price changed to 5
  • Automatic trade approval cost changed to 5
  • Information obtained by reconnaissance + 3 changed to +6, cost of consumption changed to 150
  • Champion revisit cost has been adjusted
  • All store events will be deleted
  • I’ll be your friend. The product will be deleted.


  • Cavalry tactical attack power factor has been greatly increased from +30% to +75%.
  • Rattan Armor, War Elephant Health + 2000, Exclusive Defense is added.
  • White-horseman, Siege Tower, and Xi Liang Cavlary units add 100 attack power.
  • Storage item capacity is greatly increased.
  • The effect of intercepts such as ground, mountain, and naval forces is 5 times better, and some Championes get even better.
  • The balance of characteristics of some Championes has been changed or modified.
  • Special mercenary unit, Essence consumption changed from 5 -> 1. Gold consumption x 20
  • Special mercenary unit experience x 10
  • Significantly increased Bandits siege class and unit experience
  • Enhancing Bandits appearing at level 80 or higher and increasing experience

This is an completely unfair change to league, you reduced league buff by 95%, but they used to also cost so much more!
What we spent millions of srss building is now only worth thousands!
We need a refund at least of the same amount as what you reduced by. The leagues need to be compensated for lost srss