I Am the True Strategist!

Time Frame

  • Jan 1 to Feb 28


  • Post your own guide at Guides Category. The guides uploaded elsewhere will be disqualified.
  • 10 great guides will be chosen and awarded among the guides posted during the event.
  • Awardees will not be selected for each language; awardees will be chosen from all the guides of every language as a whole.
  • Wrong information may lower the score during evaluation.
  • Kind and fun guides may get more score during evaluation.


  • 1st Place – 500x Sycee
  • 2nd Place – 400x Sycee
  • 3rd Place – 300x Sycee
  • 4th – 10th – 200x Sycee

If we enter multiple guides can we win multiple prizes? Or is it one prize per person no matter how many entries?

It’s one prize regardless of the number of entries. Instead, all the entries will be considered during evaluation. :slight_smile: