[Hangul Day] Peach Garden YiKui

Champion stuck on returning home after intercept.
Hitting Retreat does not do anything.

After using load button, when champion is moving or delivering, the game looks like it freezes/hangs.
Actually, the game doesn’t freeze, but simply cannot detect touchscreen touches anymore. It is still possible to go back using real buttons (not touch screen).

No screenshot attached, as it is not useful, since the screen shows no errors at all.

When organizing armies of a champion, while organizing, it frequently reset to the last saved configuration. This seem to randomly happen every few seconds to much longer like a minute.

Again, no screenshot, since not useful.

League donations typo:
[YiKui] donated 10 Silk to the leauge.

Should be:
[YiKui] donated 10 Silk to the league.

When someone sends you a crew request, it is stated as family request.


Lord [YiKui] has sent you a family request.
Accept or reject the request at Social - Family - Manage

To be consistent, should change all references to Family to Crew, especially for the instructions, since tab is actually Crew, not Family:

Lord [YiKui] has sent you a crew request.
Accept or reject the request at Social - Crew - Manage