[Hangul Day] Peach Garden iAmEvil

8 stars instead of star…

Did you know?

Hired 2 5stars already… still ye ji quest is not completed :frowning:

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If you are an admin, you can…


you can…, if you are an admin

Loof --> loot

You can move a legacy here… remove ‘to’

Millitas --> millitias

Bloody snake… equipment for liangzuweng but he cant equip it…

Sun shangxiangas --> sun shangxiang as

Jia kui was a general and bureaucrat of cao wei… remove subsequently

Camapign - Campaign

Yang huaian - Yang huai


Formatio - formation

Countyat - county at

Formatio - formation
abdicate the throne to that of cao cao’s son… -abdicate the throne to cao cao’s son…

Illfated - ill-fated

Ermmm… vitality is plus or minus 50%??

Wen qinan - wen qin an

Inconsistent font in li ru anecdote… “li ru”

In anecdote… to remove biography