[Hangul Day] Heroic Savior Sirjewew

Strange character “ne” before Chu Yan

Should be “Rattan” instead of “Ratton”


Should be “Xi Liang Project” instead of “Xi Lang Project”

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Should be “Light cavalries” instead of “Light cavlaries”

Would you consider it a bug if Steel Hwacha doesn’t require any steel at all to drill, while Hwacha requires it?

should be “Yang Ho general” instead of “Yang Hugeneral”


Should be “Advanced…” instead of “Advacned…”

Lead the van? what van?

“Recommended” instead of “Reccomended”

Should be “Slain” instead of “Slayed”

Random number “25,200” without any context, is it how many bandits were slain?

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Lu Su? Lu Shu? Which one is correct?

Should be Three Kingdom instead of Orpheus Story. Wrong game and Orpheus Story has been closed


Occasionally, stars on champs picture isn’t properly displayed

Should be “commander of” instead of “commanderyof”

Inconsistent Empty Legacies UI

Should be “…succeeded…” instead of “…suceeded…”

Same Anecdote?

Should be “campaign” instead of “camapign”

Double comma on anecdote

Should be “learned” instead of “learend”