[Hangul Day] Heroic Saver Joshpapa


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“is concentrating” his or her army
In a “neighbour” kingdom

“Formatio” should be Formation. It happens in all the champions

“Resources Yield” instead of resource yield

“Loot” instead of loof

Champion name Jin Yi, anecdote name Jin Yia

Incomplete anecdote?

“Loot proof” instead of “loof proof”

“quite” big instead of qutie big

Instead of “you must be wanting”,
it should be “you want”, or “you must be hoping”

since the very “beginning”

Hu Zhicai or Xi Zhicai?

“appointed as” a marquess

This should be younger brother of Zhang Jiao, not oldest son of Zhang Fei

Unless the same character has 2 different faces and star values

Most “capable” commanders

We are not sure about what they are “up” to

but all we want “are” items

Level 50 skill = Study VII
but level 80 skill = Study II ??

This doesn’t make sense

Technologies that we never “imagined”
and standardizing units and division of “labor”

“as” you progress “in” the game

defends more and attacks “lesser”
He has been weakened “by” the years

mostly “consists” of light cavalries

retreat instead of “retreating”
amount of food “required to reach here”

ult means? Are you trying to write “ultimate”?

“suppress” instead of supress

Since most of the arts instead of “Since the most of the arts”

…some require more time and “lesser” resources

Mayor: And so you need to plan how to use “resources”

The table in “the” center is for you

Does this count as 4 errors in 1 post?

Manager instead of “mananger” [At right lower corner]

Should be [Barracks] instead of Barracks]-]

his halberd “cuts” the throat

choose any method “you” like