Hangul Day Event

Hello, I am CM Ares.

We are doing Hangul Day event from Oct 8’s EQ to Oct 23’s EQ.

Hangul Day event is, as we informed in the message, about reporting bugs or typos.

You can participate in the event like this:

  1. Take a screenshot of a bug or typo.
  2. At Open Discussion category, post a post with a title “[Hangul Day] Server Lordname” and put the screenshots in there.
    • Title Example: [Hangul Day] Peach Garden CM Nike
  3. If you find a new error or typo, add them to the post you posted before.

Please note that:

  • 1st Place rewards will be given to the lord who reported the most errors or typos.
  • If an error or typo is reported several times, the first reporter gets the credit.
  • Putting spaces or intended expressions are excluded.


  • 1st: 8 Star Champion x1
  • 2nd: 7 Star Champion x2
  • 3rd: 7 Star Champion x1
  • Every Participant: 30 Sycees

Reward Schedule

  • On Oct 29 UTC+9, rewardee list will be announced and the rewards will be given at the same time.


Should separate the rewards for most bugs found and most spelling errors found or make found bugs worth 10 and spelling errors worth 1, i feel bugs are worth more then spelling errors…


Still curious, who will win… :smiley:

So, where’s the rewardee list?

they sent the rewards directly to the rewardees.

Did you win anything?

2 seven star heroes