[Hangul Day] Apollo Prime

Double sycees

Sycees everyday

see TIP

see TIP

three kingdom

three kingdom

three kingdom

see TIP

bug-i merged 4 heores on one hero,tried more heroes MESSAGE APPEARED,tap ok,changed/tapped on drill option,got back on special and merged 4 more heroes,again message appeared when tried and repeat.



‘magic resist’(the fullstop shouldnt be there)

the description

the anecdotes havent yet been added
Tavern reroll tickets 2 sycees

does not appear most of the times

Dont know whether its normal or just left out of mistake
attack type-no’r’mal

the third talent-everythi’ng’

i think it should be-‘cunning weasel’

see TIP

my daughter ‘Europa’


it should be like
‘[Atreus]You killed my young son…’

couldn’t ‘keep’


is the name spelling correct?

why dont you name ‘yourself’
third skill ‘loot-proof’


‘borrow’ me your ar…
or the appropriate word should be ‘lend’

trade pack description–silver yield

ill be your friend–no sycees


Train units should be changed with ‘drill units’ and the sentnece should be like-
the more units you drill,more units you will get.i think

last line go should be ‘do’

‘Drill’ units

archer should be ‘archery’

4th line-during exploration should be during ‘patrolling’

‘heroes’ and rattan armor(?)

scout should be ‘recon’

scout and anti scout should be like what it used to be in Orpheus Story

train time should be ‘drill/drilling time’

champions should be ‘heroes’

In 1st pic it is drill ticket yield and in 2nd it is train ticket yield.
either it should be TRAIN or DRILL in everywhere.Since i think drill is being used in God Wars so,train should be changed with drill everywhere in the game or vice versa.

tip says scout but the option is of recon,so scout needs to be changed i think

coupon description

the pic shows 50% but it is written 75%

1st skill name

3rd skill description

the 2nd skill of the hero says Magic armor but the unit pic says Fire armor…
so,fire armor should be ‘magic armor’

Athena in the background

4th talent description


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'loot’proof instwad of 'loof’proof.


i wrote the same thing
corrections ‘xxx’