[Hangul Day] Apollo BirdBird

The units available, this issue applies to other units as well.

Not sure whether its meant to be tail instead.

Quest title, “About Weapony” should be “About Weaponry”

Quest title, useless spelled as “Usless”

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Forum’s system stopped me from posting more than 5 pics in one post. So I am gonna post more pics as a reply to my own thread.

I think you meant to use “expanding” instead of “expending”, also “effeicient” is another typo.

“Weapony” again.

“(Resume) Skills:Take punches well” supposed to be just “Take punches well” I guess?

and “Palas” when the game actually spells him as Pallas

I think should be either “Heracles” or “Hercules” instead of “Heracules”

“akill” should be “kill”

“mucle” should be “muscle”

“Inheried” should be “Inherited”, also not sure about the “Part-Time” angels.

“Beserker” should be “Berserker”

random “!”

“Comerce” as “Commerce”, “Advacned” as “Advanced”

No skills?

Part-time angel again. My angels better work full-time.

“Beuaty” should be “Beauty”

“snapp” should be “snapper”, seems to have lots of spaces left for the full word.

“beginn” should be “beginning”, seems to have spaces left for the full word too.

“Everythi” should be "everything.

“Thunderbolit” should be “Thunderbolt”.


“Blessing” would usually be apt here, same applies to other heroes I didn’t copy and paste here too. However, if its intentional then ignore these.

“Resaerch” should be “Research”.

The “-” over there.

“Maginc” should be “Magic”

Guessing it should be “Hellgate” instead of “Slum”.

There’s no picture for Orc Carriage in both types of logs.

Lies! Its the Get button instead of Receive button… :speak_no_evil:

“Hire Qing Soldier” should be same as “Villager”. May have the same issue with Bully as well. Can’t remember if bully is available here.

“Hire Shortbowman” should be “Slinger”.
“Buy Silver” should be “Buy Gold”.

“Three Kingdoms”.

“Sycees” here too.

“Reallized” spelled wrongly. Additional “L”

“whenver” should be “whenever”