Hades countdown of troops

Since main quest focus on kill hades army, why don’t make a global count of hades troops?
For example, first global quest: between all users you need to kill 1mill of hades troops (with chasms, great chasms, empty gts and hades counterattacks). The user that killed more troops (and more fast one) takes the top 1, here gets a reward like 10 diamonds, the top 10 users gets 1 diamonds.
After that quest, another starts: kill 10 mill of hades troops between all users. Top 1 something like a feretory and 10 diamonds, the top 10 users gets 10 diamonds and the top 100 gets 1 diamond.
Then next one: kill 100mill…
And each week/month it resets to make all work together to get higher rewards and fight for the humanity.


Great idea Nilo, that would be really cool to participate in :smiley: