Guild Statues Changes

At the moment, Apollo statue is much better than the others, almost every guild only uses apollo because of extra research slot and better recon attack and defense.

IT would be nice to make the other statues also nice so that choosing a statue becomes strategic.

For example tranfering recon bonus to ares statue.

Giving to aanother statue high production bonuses.

Anyone has any good ideas on this?

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Recon on Ares, nope.
It’s already the best pvp statue, and apollo just gives peaceful plauers a slight possibility to defend themselfs from recons.
Aggressive playstyle also has more advantages in terms of rss gain so making so that peaceful guilds can progress abit more cause of research slot and research time research is also a good thing. If you want intel, use the apollo.
But yes, other unused statues like hermes and poseidon should be changed. Gaia already offers good buffs for a neutral type guild.