God's Quest Drawback - what for new players ? (from a very old player)

Hi, just i want make it clear. The game is exclusive.

Corean gamer make a big war and maybe the english-speaker community will get towards but with 10 players and will be a small community of people feel wait some new players and learn like religion things (CF warhammer collecting).

Why ? because if you afk, you will ban … But why such players don’t play this game as video-porn do ? (sorry for children)

Because everything you do :
(research - collecting money) => only things I do because I have life an other side

  • story - and Chasm

Chasm and collecting money is 99.99% of the game => How I feel now … But I want feel that 33 % is military-units-battle/story/Diplomacy

Not such a “great rpg battle” but you must optimize battle … and you just tap tap for collecting money and get down chasm.

AND ALL data in this game is corean well documented and …
Why the devs don’t get it public ?
The game FORCED you to be active. No one want that.

THe only things make me “fun” is community experience.
And now our community is threated by Coreans.

Updates in this games aren’t truely update because just adding constraint and collecting it(items) .

Make it more condesed … Tap tap things/the game is not well documented/ you will get banned if not super activ … it is Satan’s quest ?


In my point of view if you want people love this game again, you should add some true content experience, choose to make something with other players (cf hell is not very hype). The game remind me everytime like “If you don’t connect i will punish you” in all way (military/story/chasm). Nobody want a game like this.

PS : Exemple you have kingdom in a pluce with full inactive player =>
put automatic behavior for accepting cash (without cash for inactive) … such so obvious things another than “I will punish you”=> get banned inactive players forever.