God Wars' Opening and VIP Point Transfer Notice

Hello, I am CM Ares.

Thank you, my lords, for having loved Orpheus Story so far.

Today, as we announced before, I am going to inform you about the opening of God Wars and the VIP Point Transfer procedure.

For now, God Wars is open and you can play in Apollo server. You can download the game via the link below.


As for the story, you can play the Chapter I only and the further chapters will be open along with the new contents that will be added in the future updates. Most of the new contents are planned to be added in October and November, so please wait for a while. We will bring the interesting contents as soon as possible.

Our deepest apologies for the inconvenience and tardiness we always caused in Orpheus Story. We will do our best to present you with periodical updates and appropriate balance adjustments.

VIP Point Transfer

VIP Point Transfer will be available on October 5th Friday UTC+9, and you will be able to press on the Transfer button in Settings - Game. You have to create an account in Apollo server first and transfer the VIP Point by pressing the button. Please refer to the questions and answers below and if you have any further question, please leave it as a reply.

Do I have to prove the ownership?

You do not have to prove you are the true owner. However, please note that if you use accounts that are not yours to transfer VIP Points, repercussions like account deletion may entail.

Is there time limit for VIP Point Transfer?

For now, there is no clear plan on the time limit, but we are planning to end the transfer in this October. As soon as we come up with the schedule, we will inform you.

I don’t see the button even though it’s Friday.

I think it is because your application was not updated. If you contact me via email(nike@nikeagames.com). I will provide you with the latest version APK.

Another person used my account to transfer.

Please contact me via support, and I will check the records and permanently ban the user who wrongfully took the VIP Points. But the taken VIP Points will not be recovered.

If I transfer the VIP Points, will the VIP Points in Orpheus Story disappear?

Yes. The other progress like quests, researches, and heroes will be maintained but the VIP Points will be deducted.

I cannot create an account because there is no iOS version of God Wars.

We are doing our best to release the iOS version as soon as possible. My apologies for the inconvenience.

We will do our best to present the best experience in God Wars.

We greatly appreciate the love and support from all the lords who have come so far with us. We will work ever harder to live up to your love and contribution.

Thank you.

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Oh! Let me be the first person to complain! Maybe someone from @god reads that forum… Though as always they will apologize and ignore me…
Again, just vip points, the rest of time, money, luck, work… of the previous game means nothing! “Thanks for all you did, thanks you we are here, but now… Well, it means nothing for us, so… Leave it back and buy things again!”
Is that hard to make 2 servers on new game? One where you let old players get all they had (changing things, for example, giving the collection of heroes as tickets of that star, giving diamonds or research tickets for each research done, giving the like-o-meter…) And another one for the ones who want to start from 0, to be fair.
Now… Let’s complain about the announcement…

The best option possible! Someone stoled your account and you lose the vip points forever! That’s great! [Sarcasm]

That’s even better though XD Literally is: Let’s kill the other game so we can shutdown server fast… XD

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terrible greedy company.

someone can go make multiple accounts and claim all the high vip players just to screw them over

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@Nilo1 @Rhino

We offer you the deepest apologies for all the misdeeds we made, for the inconvenience we caused in Orpheus Story, for the tardiness and delays regarding updates and new contents, and for letting you down after all the contribution you have made to Orpheus Story.

We will always strive to better and perfect the game experience. We greatly appreciate all the efforts and devotion you my lords have made. Thank you for coming with us so far. We promise you we will do our best not to let you down in God Wars.


Then… You will do something to compensate us or just say sorry?

so prove it.