Get a Pre-register Reward Coupon!

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Pre-register Reward Coupon!

As there is no suitable place where we can do a global pre-register event of Three Kingdoms : The Shifters, we came up with this event. You will receive a pre-register reward coupon when the game releases if you participate in this event!

To Do

To participate in this event, retweet our tweet that promotes Three Kingdoms and leave your twitter account name as reply to this post. Retweet this tweet!


Every user who participates in this event will receive a Pre-register Reward Coupon when the game gets globally released. And the coupon will give you the rewards listed below. One coupon per one forum account.

  • 50,000x Silver
  • 30x Sycee
  • 5x Random Buff Item
  • 20x Tavern Reroll Ticket
  • 20x Champion Training Ticket


Until Apr 3rd 2pm UTC+9

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Good thx

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This event has ended and the users above wiill receive coupons via forum message. :slight_smile:

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