Fan Art! Draw Us a Picture to Put in Our Letters! Event

(CM Ares) #1

Those who received our inquiry answers must have seen the picture at the top of the letter.

As you can notice, the picture is about Orpheus Story – not Three Kingdoms. So we are doing this event! :slight_smile:

The winner’s picture will be put in the Three Kingdoms inquiry answers until the next letter picture event.

And the awardees will be picked from the Korean, English, and Japanese players as a whole. Please note that.

Image Specs

  • Must be related to Three Kingdoms : The Shifters – e.g., Ye-ji, Tang Qing, Ji-hyo
  • Image Size – 600px × 350px
    As for SVG, Aspect Ratio – 12 by 7
  • Image Type – JPG, PNG, SVG

How to Participate

  1. Draw a picture that fits the specs!
  2. Leave it as a reply to this post!


  • 1st – 1,000x Sycee & the picture used in Three Kingdoms inquiry answers.
  • 2nd – 700x Sycee
  • 3rd – 500x Sycee
  • 4th – 300x Sycee
  • 5th – 200x Sycee
  • Honorable Mentions – 150x Sycee
    (Honorable Mentions are for the pictures that are great but don’t meet the specs.)


  • May 15’s EQ to May 29’s EQ

(Fred Cairns) #2


(YiKui) #3

No time to finish it…

(Gabriele Veronelli) #4

Didn’t finishedcontest_image_dany

(CM Ares) #5