🎉 Fan Art! Draw Us a Picture to Put in Our Letters! Event -- Awardees

(CM Ares) #1

We are grateful to all the lords who participated in the fan art event!

I have checked the drawings you submitted and unfortunately, most of your submissions do not satisfy the specs, which made most of the rewards unable to be given. :cry:

And the game title in the drawing by @atonin, the first place, is wrongly written, so we thought it would be inappropriate to use it in inquiry answers. Therefore, through a discussion with the staff, we decided that the graphic team will draw a picture to be used as the image in inquiry answers. Please note that.

Please check the awardee list and if you are on it, please leave your lordname and server to receive the reward. We all appreciate your passion and support towards Three Kingdoms : The Shifters! We will work even harder to further improve the game experience!



(Gabriele Veronelli) #2

Thanks indeed!
Danyjia - Peach Garden

(Mahfujur Rahman ) #3

Thanks.Lord:Mahfuz1.Server:Peach Garden

(YiKui) #4

Yukui - Peach Garden

(CM Ares) #5

@YiKui, could you please check your lordname? :slight_smile:

(YiKui) #6

Oh sorry! Same as my username here.