F2P Sycees Spending

F2P players, we only got so much Sycees; yesterday being Lunar New Year and getting that 500 sycees helped me realize that-- “man… having sycees feels awesome,” and it really does. Though, sycees don’t always come around, so here’s a question for F2P players; what do you think is the best way to spend our only sycees? I want to hear your answers and I want you to hear mine.

There’s only a few things I see that’s worth putting our only sycees into; special buffs (perma+ drill, study, build), event champions, 50+ VIP points (Peddler) and Equip Crates (Peddler, not too sure? Hear me out). So if you wanted to buy any of these, go ahead! Though I feel like there is only ONE answer, perma+ drill.

The thing is, eventually in end game you’ll build and have all the buildings so why perma+ build? In end game, you’ll research everything so why perma+ study? Event champions are alright I guess.? But if you persist and keep playing you’ll without a doubt get enough fame to get those champions anyways. You accumulate a small amount of VIP points everyday so why 50+ VIP points? I feel like being perma+ drill really is the way to go.

The reason why I added Equipment Crates there because I never seen a way to get equipment for your champions in the first place and equipment seems under utilized, you’re going to want all the advantage you can get so I’d say they’re pretty alright.

Lastly, don’t spend them at all because it really does feel nice having them in the first place.

Though, I’m just a returning player so maybe I missed a few things and maybe there are things that I don’t know yet so I’d love to hear what people think. Have a nice day.